The confusing response, or lack of, to the case against Curtis Boyd.

In recent months a new anti abortion Facebook page called, Abortion On Trial, began sharing details and footage regarding a civil wrongful death suit against late term abortionist Curtis Boyd. This Facebook page is posting under oath deposition videos of Boyd himself admitting to aborting 34 week old fetuses and claiming his surgical abortion facility […]

COVID-19 and Pregnancy; Facts are saying don’t fear.

The COVID-19 or “Corona” virus has the world in a state of uncertainty and fear. Most places of business are responding by closing doors or limiting services in order to protect the public from further exposure to the new illness covering the globe. But not abortion businesses, many of them are still in full service […]

I am a Pro-Life Survivor

I’ve often said that there is an extra level of difficulty to being a prolife advocate when you’re also a survivor of rape. I suppose being a survivor adds difficulty to a lot of areas in life, this being no exception. For myself being a rape survivor only solidifies my prolife position. But I know […]

Sex and the Survivor

I never would have considered my sex life normal for someone after sexual abuse. I thought I was some kind of freak beyond repair. But then I started talking to other survivors of molestation and rape and found out I’m not as crazy as I thought. One might assume that after a sexual assault a […]