A New Ouch

A New Ouch from NWF Recently New Wave Feminists, a prolife feminist organization, made a post on Facebook regarding a hypothetical technology that would allow for fetal transfers from womb to womb. In theory this technology could save lives and be beneficial but the presentation of it was not well thought out for a few […]

To the Pro-life people of Ireland,

In May 2018 Ireland held a public vote to legalize abortion. The yes vote won and now Ireland is among the countries who legally allow parents to end the life of their child. Since that time I’ve seen my Irish friends express waves of emotions, one day fierce and prepared, the next day angry and […]

Christa still Strong

It’s been a year now since Live Action released a story about Christa and her family. Much has changed, and much has stayed the same. Christa is still surviving. Everyday a miracle. It’s been 14 months since she was shaken and injured while in her father’s care. Since that time Christa’s father plead guilty to […]