LIFE: Given and Taken Away

  I haven’t written in months I know. I have a valid excuse though. I’ve been busy birthing and caring for a new baby girl. That’s right the little miracle I’ve written about so much is finally here and I couldn’t be more in love. Though I’m sure I could’ve found the few minutes to […]

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

We’ve all heard the line before “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” but is it true? For myself when it comes to fighting the injustice of abortion it is absolutely true. I may not be supportive of atheists beliefs but if they will stand by my side on the front lines of the […]

The “IT” Factor.

  There is an astonishing amount of dehumanizing the unborn in today’s society. People constantly argue over viability, rights, and personhood. Prochoice activists want nothing more than to see children in the womb viewed as non living, even non human. Prolife activists spend countless hours trying to change the way people see the unborn, we […]

24 weeks and kicking: video!

I’m now 25 weeks pregnant and last week I had an anatomy scan ultrasound done. I just had to share something we saw with you all! You may remember a few weeks ago I shared our experience in a previous ultrasound where baby Grace-Lynn was seen tapping her foot along to the music we played. […]

What Was All That One In A Million Talk?

Not long ago I was living with an incurable form of infertility. Complete tubal occlusion was the actual diagnosis. This meant that instead of fallopian tubes I had more like fallopian twigs. No tubes just solid, blocked up, want to be tubes that had zero room for natural conception to occur within them. Sometimes tubal […]

Dancing Before Birth

We’ve recently discovered that when we play music baby Poppy moves around in response. Sure enough that’s one of the expected things to start happening around this 20 week point! At Monday’s ultrasound we weren’t getting a clear picture of Poppy’s face so we attempted to convince her to move around by poking and shaking […]