ProLife Wife: the woman behind the posts.


I am a ProLife American woman in my mid twenties. I plan to use this blog to share the truth about abortion through scientific facts and moral messages. I am not ashamed to be a part of the ProLife movement.

Like it or not, this is me.

I am a daughter.
I intently watched my mother as I grew up.
I listened to the wise teachings of my father.
I know I will never be able to repay the many sacrifices my parents have made to make my life better.

I am a sister.
I am motivated by my brother who risks his life to save others.
I am inspired by my sister who knows right from wrong.
I know I would not be who I am if not for their place in my life.

I am a wife.
I honor my husband by keeping his home by my own free will.
I am honored in return by his provision and protection.
I know I am blessed to have a happy healthy marriage and I am grateful.

I am now and forever will be infertile.
I realize what a gift motherhood is because I know, not every woman gets it.
I see the beauty in the unborn because I am aware of what a miracle every child is.
I know just because I cannot have kids
does mean I cannot show motherly love.

I am a stepmother.
I adore the three boys I rarely get to see.
I pray daily for health and happiness in their lives.
I know now how it feels to love enough to lay down your life for another, because I love them that way.

I am a patriot.
I respect my country as a nation under God, forever indivisible.
I will honor the constitution and defend the rights our veterans have fought to preserve.
I know being a true American means bleeding not only red, but white and blue too.

I am a Christian.
I live my life according to Gods word. I unapologetically will declare my love for the Lord.
I know it is only by the grace of the almighty God that I, or any of us, are here today.

I am a ProLife activist.
I believe life begins at conception.
I will never be silent and always be vigilant in the fight to defend the unborn.
I know the value of life and vow to use my life in service of those in need of saving.

I am loud
I am proud
I am a ProLife Wife.

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