Abortion vs Miscarriage: When women’s choices belittle women’s pain.


How abortion hurts victims of miscarriage

Approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies are intentionally terminated.
Women use every excuse from not being financially stable to just not wanting kids.
They justify their decision to abort by saying what they are killing isn’t a real person yet, just a lump of tissue, a ball of undeveloped cells.
The “fetus” is not a child, it has no feelings, no rights, no life until birth. That’s what they say.
Yet these same women will later on miscarry and play up the sob story of “I lost my baby”
Yes, yes you did loose a BABY.

Isn’t it interesting how when a woman wants a pregnancy to end she swears there is no life lost, but when a pregnancy even of less duration ends unintentionally, the mother is a victim, a grieving parent who will forever miss her child.
My question to those women is what’s the difference?
What’s the difference between the baby you killed and the baby you lost?
Selfish desire is the one and only reason women feel justified in choosing death for one child and wishing life for the next.
The hypocrisy in these women infuriates me.

This cycle of abuse and taking advantage leaves the true victims of miscarriage left out in the rain.
When the media and groups like planned parenthood constantly try to prove a baby is not a baby until birth the mothers of miscarried babies have their pain ignored and overlooked.
How can a woman cry on her friends shoulder after loosing a baby when she knows that same friend aborted a “fetus” 6 months earlier?
How can a woman who justifies her 4 abortions comfort her sister who miscarried when her sister knows that she doesn’t really believe it was a baby at all.

Every time a woman CHOOSES to loose a baby it spits in the face of the millions of women who didn’t choose it.
Every time a prochoice advocate gets mainstream media attention and says “the unborn are not human they are lumps of cells” or “we abort fetuses, we don’t kill babies” a woman who suffered a miscarriage has her heart broken all over again.
Because she knows that fetus is no doubt an incredible and unique child….nothing less.
You try convincing a woman who miscarried at 30 weeks that who was inside of her wasn’t a person all their own….you can’t!
She knows better. So do the rest of us!

If we all really cared about women and their health so much we wouldn’t constantly belittle the pain we are continuing to bring to their lives by saying the child they lost wasn’t a child. People constantly say unborn babies aren’t people, how do you think that makes the mom of a miscarried baby feel?

We need to stop calling unborn babies anything but what they are, babies!
We need to remember the women who never wanted to loose the life inside of them and realize the children being aborted are truly children.
Women need to be grateful whether they want to raise a child or not that they can even carry a child and don’t have to feel the pain of their baby being ripped away from them.
We need to remember that miscarriage is a tragic and hard loss, and that abortion is making that loss into a normal or even positive thing.

My advice to any woman who has chosen to miscarry her child and continues to justify it,
Be quiet.
You have zero right to cry over a miscarriage. Yours or anyone else’s.
Women don’t want to hear you try and comfort them, women don’t want to see you holding babies or talking pregnancy.
If you chose to loose a baby, your not a grieving mother.
To these women, women who have really lost their babies, your just a murderer who’s decision to call a child a fetus made their time of getting over loosing a “fetus” nearly impossible…..
So do everyone a favor and just sit down, and stay quiet when it comes to miscarriage.
Your opinion is of no consequence on this topic. And that comes straight from grieving mothers not me, so trust it.

The rest of us, those who haven’t chosen death for a child, we need to make sure people know that we are aware of what abortion is doing to the true victims of loss.
The ProLife community needs to be even louder when we say the unborn are alive and real! The unborn babies out there are babies and we will not tolerate them being considered anything less.
If we continue to let the world call children by things like “fetus” we are continuing to accept their justification for killing them.

A child is a child, no matter how small,
A loss is a loss, no matter how early in the pregnancy it is.
Abortion belittles the reality of miscarriage and the sad part is, the women who need to make the changes to fix it don’t give a damn.

PS: I have NOT suffered a
Miscarriage myself, so no, this is not a bitter rant, simply a concrete observation.

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