ABSTINENCE in an ABORTION filled world: it’s possible!

Abstinence: It’s Possible!

Anybody old enough to have sex probably knows that’s how babies are made.
It shouldn’t be a surprise when a sexually active woman gets pregnant, pregnancy is the #1 side effect of sex.
The people who have common sense use protection if they don’t want pregnancy to occur but still insist on being sexually active…
But even contraception fails, and abortion occurs yet again.

There is one way to avoid unwanted pregnancy…avoid sex.
Yes it really is that simple!
You cannot get pregnant if you do not have sex.
(With the exception of intentional ART treatments like IVF)
Fact not opinion.

In today’s world girls and boys are becoming sexually active around the age of 12-13 and they do so because they are taught it is normal and acceptable.
Obviously the more children there are having sex the more unwanted pregnancies occur in those young women and it is easily preventable.

Parents need to hold their children accountable for their actions.
If I were to have come home pregnant at 16 my mother would not have driven me to an abortion clinic.
My mother taught me “you play, you pay!” Meaning if I was grown up enough to mess around with a boy, I was grown up enough to handle the consequences of my actions, including pregnancy.
Maybe that’s why I was so careful, I knew what sex brought with it and I knew I wasn’t ready for motherhood.
I didn’t want a child at 16 so I didn’t have sex at 16.
It wasn’t rocket science.
And it hasn’t changed.

Abstinence is so overlooked as the most effective birth control.
It’s the only birth control that is 100% guaranteed to work for as long as you use it.
And IT IS POSSIBLE to remain abstinent in today’s world!
Women, and men, everywhere are waiting until marriage, or until hey feel secure enough to support children. They are just the minority by a large margin, and that’s what needs to change!
There is a great blog by a 22 year old abstinent woman called “While I’m Waiting” that proves virgin women and men are out there.
We just need more of them and more of us encouraging our young girls to follow the lead of women like the Author of the previously mentioned blog.

If the women today were more careful about when and why they choose to be sexually active, the number of yearly abortions would drastically decrease.
Pretending that sex is just sex is hurting our women, confusing our men, and leading to the slaughter of millions of unborn babies.

The BEST thing we can do for the unborn and their parents is share the truth about abstinence…
It IS possible to remain abstinent, if they need proof or encouragement, refer them to the blog “While I’m Waiting” At http://whileimwaiting3125.blog.com
The 87% of abortions that occur for the “I’m not ready” reasons would begin to decrease almost instantly.

                                    3)                                   STD rates, HPV rates, as well as cases of psychological trauma would decrease…Yes sex can lead to serious emotional issues, for young women especially.
(I will cover that topic in a soon to come blog of its own)
& 4)
Studies show that relationships that postpone sexual intercourse until an agreement of monogamy is reached are far more likely to last long term.
(Hence world famous matchmaker Patti Stanger’s rule: NO sex before monogamy!)
And those are just a few of the pro abstinence points you can make, there are many more!

Let’s be PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE.
Let’s be blunt and honest and say:
If you do not want a baby, keep your pants on and your skirts down.
Let’s no longer accept people’s promiscuous irresponsibility as an excuse to murder their unborn.
Let’s lead our young women and men back to a higher standard of morals and responsibility.
Let’s all agree, ABSTINENCE is a much better, safer, smarter, and a much less evil way to avoid parenthood than abortion is, so
Let’s all encourage it a little, or preferably a lot more!


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