Do Men Deserve A Say In The Abortion Debate?


I am overwhelmed at the number of people who are coming out with anti-man guns blazing over this Planned Parenthood debate.
The vast majority of prochoicers are viciously attacking the prolife men of America telling them that they have no uterus, they get no say.
Even genuinely good prolife men have been quiet because they feel they don’t have a right to have an opinion on abortion.
This mentality is preposterous and a big reason why so many children are being led to their death.

Men ABSOLUTELY deserve a say on this!
It’s not incorrect to say we need men to physically create a child, conception is not a talent women have.
It’s a team effort, you can’t bake a bun in the oven from eggs alone, it takes two to tango, ever heard those sayings?
Women can’t create life without a man, so why can they end life with out one?
Not to mention you’ve got a 50/50 chance of the child itself being a male….so again, why do women get all they say in a topic that effects as many men as it does women?

Obviously I understand that in today’s culture not everybody is in exclusive committed relationships when pregnancy arises, if the man is no where to be found you can’t ask him his opinion, I get that.
But the number of women who abort with out even notifying the child’s father far outweighs the number of women who don’t have the option to tell the father.
And if it is a “safety issue” as so many women claim to be their reason behind abortion, there are states with maternal protection laws. Women don’t have to secretly kill their child, there are places you can go that will house you and keep you safe, give you prenatal care and counselling, they will find an adoptive family for you if you choose not to keep your baby and they handle all the legal paperwork for you too.
So for those few and far between cases when there really isn’t a reliable man around, women can find help.
But again, those cases are rarer than we are led to believe.

So many men would step up given the opportunity. We see women as single mothers all the time, why can’t we accept single fathers? If a woman doesn’t want her child that doesn’t mean the man doesn’t want his! Just because women want their children to get free condoms and sex tips at age 12 doesn’t mean the father does.
There are TWO people involved in conceiving the kid, there needs to be TWO people involved in the stages that follow.

I know a man who against his will lost a child to abortion over 20 years ago, he is still as broken as the day it happened. I know a man who lost a child in an accident she was almost full term, and he will never be the same.
You can not convince me men are not affected by what happens their unborn children. They 100% are.

I get the silence from men, we women have trained you to believe your vote doesn’t count. The prochoice mentality has been driven into the men of today and as a woman I’m telling you it needs to change.
You let someone tell you because you won’t be carrying a child any time soon that you don’t get an opinion…So that means elder women like Hillary Clinton (who lead the abortion movement) who aren’t in childbearing years any more shouldn’t get a vote either? And infertile women like me who don’t need abortions don’t get a say on planned Parenthoods practices? Does it mean the women who had their uterus removed for health reasons don’t get a vote on women’s rights any more?
If they want to silence men, they have to be willing to silence every party besides those who are females of exact childbearing age and are healthy enough to conceive naturally with out assistance, and they can’t do that if they want to keep their funding.
So why are you letting them silence you?!?

We need men to step up and be men!! Don’t let someone kill your baby! That’s YOUR baby just as much as hers. That’s your choice just as much as hers, it’s your responsibility just as much as hers.
Stop letting people tell you this isn’t your fight, it absolutely is your fight and your losing right now.
Children don’t carry on their mothers name, they carry on their fathers name so those fathers need to speak up before its to late.

Don’t be continually fooled by the title of “women’s rights” this has nothing to do with women. You can support women and still speak up for your rights as fathers, it doesn’t have to be a choice and there is help for dads too!

I hope both men and women reading this realize how incredibly selfish we women have been with the abortion debate and take steps to change the way we view prolife men.
I hope the men reading this are inspired to speak up for life because it’s their children the women of today are aborting.

Be a real man, step up to the plate, and make the difference only your voice can make!!



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