Where’s The Noise? Planned Parenthood Scandal Continues But Trending Posts Do Not

Are People Over It Already? Because it’s not trending anymore!

The Planned Parenthood sells baby parts scandal was all the rage on social media for the past few weeks but has become less of an outrage as times goes on.

With each new video released voices rise up again, but only short term noise is created.
Whether people are just getting used to the issues or simply no longer care it’s clear people have stopped talking about it on a large scale.

The mainstream media never truly addressed the issue and two weeks ago that fact enraged us. Now we don’t seem to care that the media isn’t mentioning it, because we aren’t mentioning it ourselves.

Some folks may be sick and tired of seeing the posts or hearing the news and I get why, but that won’t stop me from sharing the truth. As long as there is a scandal like this to report on you can bet I will be reporting.

Have you ever heard the saying
“the squeaky wheel gets the grease?”
Well it’s true, the group who is the loudest get their way. It’s proven time and again. If we refuse to be silenced any other way eventually they will bend to our demands.
We just have to be vigilant and consistent with our noise! We have to be proactive in the prolife movement!
Don’t wait to see a post to share, go write your own post!
Put the hashtags #PPSellsBabyParts & #DefundPP & #ProtestPP and #Prolife in all your posts!!
Don’t let this issue and our stance on it go unheard!

The people will parish for lack of knowledge.
If you know the truth it’s your duty to educate those who don’t.
So do not fear the backlash from prochoicers.
Do not think one prolife tweet a day means you’ve done your part.
Do not get weary, find strength in one another and help each other spread the truth.
Every single interaction you have is an opportunity to make a difference in the fight to defend the unborn.
If we want to win that fight, we have to be willing to talk about it.

Keep talking, get louder, do not be silenced!
We must speak for those who cannot!


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