Conservatives are being forced to fund liberal campaigns.

Conservatives Are Being Forced To Fund Liberal Campaigns.


As if us conservative folks aren’t already cheated enough by being forced to fund Planned Parenthood’s horrific crimes against humanity, we are also funding their political agenda.
That’s right, our conservatively earned tax dollars are funding the campaigns of those we oppose as elected officials.

In a report on they provide information that shows exactly how much Planned Parenthood donates to political campaigns. I expected to see evidence favoring the democratic party but never considered how drastic the difference would be. $586,000.00 for democrats in 2014 republicans got a grand total of $2,800.00.
But we all knew Planned Parenthood was anti right wing already.

If an organization wants to fund the politicians that keep them in business I don’t really care.
The problem here is with Planned Parenthood receiving over half a billion in government funding every year they aren’t spending their money on democratic campaigns, their spending mine.
I mean heck why not just cut out the middle man and give our half a billion of tax dollars directly to the twisted liberal politicians themselves? That’s basically what we’re doing now!

Planned parenthood funds the democrats who protect their government funding.
They basically buy the silence and protection of the most twisted politicians who will turn a blind eye to their atrocities as long as the donation checks keep coming.


I’m sure you can guess, but Planned Parenthood has donated more money to Hillary Clinton than any other politician ever.
Planned Parenthoods president Cecile Richards’ own daughter works closely with Hillary on her campaign for the presidential election of 2016.
They play sick games that risk women’s safety and end children’s lives and they do so with our tax dollars.
The intertwining of the Democratic Party and Planned Parenthood go all the way back to Margaret Sanger and the days PP was founded. They support each other, fund each other, and hide each others sins.

I don’t know about the other republicans out there but I’m pretty angry that I live in a country where I’m forced to fund the evil I pray one day ends.
If you don’t want conservative politicians and citizens “poking their nose in your business” then you don’t get conservative dollars to fund your business, at least that’s how it should be.
If Planned Parenthood and the liberal politicians mean so much to each other why don’t they leave the conservative republican’s money out of it?

image image

*Based on data released by the FEC on April 06, 2015 except for independent expenditure and communication cost, contributions to federal candidates, and contributions from individual donor data, which were released by the FEC on March 09, 2015.

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