Who’s Body Is It Really? Why the “My Body My Choice” argument is invalid.


Who’s body is it really?
Why the “My Body My Choice” argument is invalid.

We all want the freedom to do what we want with our own body. No person should control another’s persons body. Period.

That’s why the “My Body My Choice” argument is so aggravating.
Women screaming for the right to control their own physical conditions obviously don’t realize that we are not arguing about what she does to her body, we are arguing about what she does to the body of the living individual who resides with in her.

Women don’t abort themselves at clinics.
They don’t get poisoned and torn apart.
They don’t get dissected and sold in researches name.

Let’s look at the facts shall we?

@ 18 days a baby’s heart beats
@ 21 days a baby has an individual blood type
@ 7 weeks a baby can move around
@ 8 weeks all organs function
@ 9 weeks babies have unique fingerprints
@ 10 weeks a baby can feel pain
@ 12 weeks a baby can smile
@ 15 weeks a baby has taste buds
@ 18 weeks a baby recognizes sound
@ 21 weeks a baby can suck their thumb
@ 23 weeks a baby has grown eyelashes
@ 24 weeks babies survive outside the womb
@ 28 weeks a baby has mood swings
@ 30 weeks a baby’s pupils respond to light
@ 35 weeks a baby looks the same as the newborns in the nursery.
Knowing these facts have been proven by many, with both scientific and religious outlooks, how can people say that abortion is a decision that effects only
“our body”?

This isn’t an debate based on opinion, it’s significant fact!
Of the 45 generations of cell divisions before adulthood, 41 have already taken place. Only four more come before adolescence. Ninety percent of a person’s development happens in the womb.

An unborn child is not your body, it is their body IN your body.
As inconvenient as it may be, a persons location doesn’t give you jurisdiction over their right to live.
There are a lot of people who inconvenience me, and make my life hard, but I can’t kill them.
Lots of people directly impact my life but I don’t get to kill them to avoid the problems they bring my way.

A woman getting an abortion is murder. No way around it.
If she were going into a clinic to inject poison into herself she could justify the “My Body My Choice” line, but she isn’t going in there to kill herself, she is going in there to kill her baby.
Every abortion stops a beating heart, but the woman isn’t the one who’s heart beat stops, a separate pumping, working, beating heart stops and hers continues to beat.

It is NOT her body.
It should NOT be her choice.

She made her choice when she became sexually active, that was her decision about her body, after a separate heart is beating it’s not her decision to make anymore, it’s not just her body anymore.

Next time a woman uses the “My Body My Choice” line on you remind her….
Half of the people who go into an abortion clinic don’t get out alive, if her heart is still beating inside of her body when she is done, then it wasn’t her heart she stopped, it wasn’t herself she killed…thus it wasn’t her body to abort.

Don’t let women get away with this excuse, it’s not only ludicrous and evil, it’s scientifically inaccurate.
Arm yourself with the facts of unborn human development and fire back truth to combat the lies!

#NotYourBody #NotYourChoice


Check out this website for more awesome unborn baby developmental facts!

Baby Developmental Facts

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