Where’s The Church?


We can not rely on society as a whole to make moral decisions.
We can not assume that people will do the right thing, or that they even know what the right thing is.
It is the responsibility of the church not only to share the knowledge we’ve received, but also to help people utilize this knowledge for good.
We can’t simply say “this is what you should do” and then walk away.

The church is not a how to guide, that’s what the bible is for.
People don’t need churches and pastors just scolding them on the laws of God & requirements he has for his people.
People need churches to help them make the most out of the information they get. People need churches not just give out a new bible verse and send people on their way, but to figure it out with them, as a team.
A church is a group of people not an idea or building.
A church is a place for sinners and saints alike to get together and come before a God who doesn’t judge them based on social class or background.
A church is suppose to be a safe place, a safe group, for those seeking refuge from the pain of the world.
A church is suppose to be full of love, forgiveness, and nonjudgmental assistance.
But the church is FAILING!!!

There are so many areas that church has fallen silent on.
I’m using my prolife work as my example, but there are many ways to call out the church for their lack of effort, this is just the example I am most connected with….

It’s constantly said in religious circles that abortion is not okay.
Church folks will be the first to step up and say that a woman should choose life for her child, because there is help out there to her, she has other options.
Church goers will be the first to say they are prolife and profamily, they have a heart for women, they care about the children of the world….
I’m sure they mean what they say, but meaning it, doesn’t mean anything unless you act on it.

Did you know that 1 out of 6 women who have an abortion are active in their local church community?
Did you know that more often than not the young girls raised in churches, who still make mistakes, will have abortions just to avoid the judgement of her pastor?
Did you know that nearly 87% of church going women who get raped don’t report it, because they fear the church and their fellow Christians?
Did you know a teen mom who decides to keep her baby will go with out eating just because she is to embarrassed to ask her youth leader for help?
Did you know a parent of an aborted baby is 6 times more likely to commit suicide than someone else, and less than 30% of people ever admit to the abortion out of guilt and fear, so they have no help to fight the depression or emotional trauma?

Did you know that the church is a HUGE reason so many people are hurting?

If you don’t believe me answer me this…

How many pastors reading this have a family planning ministry department at their church?
How many pastors reading this have yet to speak to their congregation on the horrific atrocities by planned parenthood being revealed right now? History is in the making, defining moments are happening now and pastors ignore it because it’s to controversial. Of course it’s controversial!!! People are killing Gods babies, and you’re ignoring it!
How many pastors reading this are to afraid to preach the truth and require your leaders to do the same?
How many pastors reading this are sitting behind their desk studying yet another mundane sermon while the young women and men of their community are out there hurting and trying to figure it out alone?

How many churches are set up as safe haven drop off locations?
Every state has them. A $10 sign hung in the window could be the difference between life and death for the newborn in who ends up in a dumpster.
How many churches are partnered with a local prolife or crisis pregnancy center?
Does your church donate money, items, time, your facility, anything to help the women choosing life?
Does your church have help for families looking to adopt?
How many churches have educational material available on hand?
Do you have discreet flyers in your men and women’s bathrooms?
Do you have a bulletin board with promotions for movie night but not promotions for life saving conferences?
How many churches are even aware of programs like Rachel’s Vineyard,
or And Then There Were None? Do any churches out there support programs that help heal post abortive patients and workers?

How many youth leaders take their kids to students for life events or prolife rallies to represent the Christian community?
How many college leaders refuse to talk honestly about sex and how to recover from mistakes with out adding even more?

Does your church do any of this?
Because all churches should be doing all of this!
(FYI I will gladly assist you and your church in making appropriate changes to start making a difference for the prolife cause. Contact me for info)

Again these are my examples as a prolife activist, this is how I see the church failing.
And I have 3 generations of pastors before me, 2 generations still active senior pastors….so I know the church business, I know how it works, I know the ins and outs, and that’s why I’m totally confident in saying the church is failing in epic proportions right now. Because I do know what I’m talking about.
There are many more areas in which the Christian people need to stop being such whimps and actually do something good rather than just preach good words. Yes, I just called Christians whimps, and I meant it.
The bible says the Lord is a mighty warrior, if we were following Gods lead the church would be fighting this war instead of ignoring it for the sake of political correctness.

The church needs to stop talking and start doing.
The church needs to be the church again.
We need to be loving and helping to all in all circumstances, no one should fear asking us for help, no one should even have to ask!
It should already be offered!
I don’t want to hear about how your a Christian. I don’t want to hear how amazing your church family is and how you all do so much for the world…I don’t want to hear it…..
I want to see it.

Where’s your church?
Where are you?


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