Thank You Mom….for saving me from Planned Parenthood.


A big “selling point” for Planned Parenthood is girls as young as 13 can go in and get birth control or sex advice from a stranger with out their parents ever finding out.

Some women are okay with the fact that their little girl can go learn how to perform oral sex or get a hormone filled daily pill she knows nothing about.
My mother how ever was not that kind of woman.
Knowing what I know now, I’m so grateful she protected me from myself and Planned Parenthood. A thank you note isn’t nearly enough, but it’s a good place to start….

Dear Momma,
Thank you for caring enough about me to make me mad.
I was just barely an “adult” and saw no harm in being “protected” but you had more wisdom than I did.
When you took my insurance card so I couldn’t pay for my appointment I thought you were just judging me.
I didn’t even listen when you offered to go with me to a real doctor who would actually care about what happens to me.
I read magazines, watched tv and listened to classmates, they all said the pill would be a good choice to keep me safe, but those people don’t know my medical records like you do.
I didn’t know there are many reasons I not only shouldn’t be on the pill but physically couldn’t be. It took me a long time to figure it out with real Drs, I can’t imagine what a PP Dr would have done with me. I shiver just thinking about it now.
I thought I was being “smart” and that sounds so stupid now.
I’m not sure what would have happened had I gone to the clinic that day but I’m sure it wouldn’t have been good for my health or my spirit.
Now just the thought of entering a Planned Parenthood facility makes me feel sick. I’m so glad I can say I’ve never stepped foot inside of a clinic like that.
Thank you momma for not letting me go.
Thank you for not letting me be another notch on Planned Parenthood’s bed post.
Thank you for not letting me willingly contribute to their profit on pain business that I didn’t even know existed.
Thank you for being a mom who cared enough to speak up for the safety of your child. Thank you momma for saving me.
And I promise you this,
If I’m ever blessed with a daughter I’ll fight my whole life to keep the her out of the evil hands of Planned Parenthood just like you fought for me.
Mothers, protect your daughters…It’s your job and your fully capable of doing it. Don’t let people tell you your 13 year old or even your 18 year old daughter doesn’t need your help or counsel. I was 18 and my mom may not have had legal control of me but she was still my mother it was still her job to protect me and she wasn’t going to let anything or anyone stop her. I have no doubt my mother would have followed me to that clinic and carried  me away kicking and screaming, because she knew I wouldn’t be safe there.

You can’t sheild your child from every pain, my mom can’t always save me, but in this circumstance she could, and in these circumstances you can too!

Mothers, Protect your daughters…I promise, they will thank you one day!


#MothersWhoCare #ThankYouMom

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