Abortion Is Not Political. Abortion Is Spiritual.


Abortion is not about politics.

Left and right wing politicians have been arguing over abortion for years.
It’s safe to assume that a democrat is prochoice and a republican is prolife but that does not mean that abortion is a liberal action that conservatives are exempt from.

Abortion is not a political battle, it is a spiritual battle.
It is not about right and left, it’s about right and wrong.
The reason more republican politicians lobby against abortion is not because they are republican, it’s because usually they are believers in God and his word.
I know self proclaimed democrats who are anti abortion and I know some republicans who are prochoice.
The party you vote for may lean one direction or the other on the topic but your political party does not control your spiritual decisions and actions.
Campaigning democrats are constantly saying conservative politicians are attacking women because they are “old cranky white guys stuck in the 1800s” when in reality it’s not about their color, their age, or their gender, it’s about their soul.

I don’t just think abortion supporters are evil, I KNOW they are, they prove it themselves time and time again.

Take for instance,
On August 22nd tens of thousands of prolife people joined to protest Planned Parenthood. Dozens of prochoice people joined to protest the prolife people…It was easy to see who was there to support life and who was there to oppose it but nobody was wearing a shirt with a political party labeled on it. No, here is how you could tell the prolife and prochoice people apart…

The prolifers joined hands in prayers, we held signs that said Jesus loves the little children. We held yellow balloons that said life, and let all the kids have one to play with. We sang Amazing Grace and we cried for the innocent children being led to slaughter.


The prochoicers used curse words and lead vulgar chants, they held signs with the satanic insignia and signs that read “witches support planned parenthood”. They performed satanic rituals where they repeated “hail Satan” as men poured milk by the gallons down the women’s throats until they were choking, coughing, and vomiting.

image image

These actions are not actions of a republican or democrat, they are the actions of good vs evil.

Former satanist leaders have shared horror stories of the connection between abortion and satanic rituals.
Satanists are having orgies as young as age 13 specifically to conceive a child that is meant to be sacrificed in partial birth abortion 9 months later….still! Currently! In America today that is happening.
You can not say abortion, abortion facilities, providers and supporters aren’t flooded with Satan’s evil lies.
It’s about good and evil people not red and blue.

Republicans aren’t attacking abortion, decent human beings are. People with morals, a conscious, people who respect the sanctity of life are attacking abortion. Are most of them republican? Yes. But not all. Stop giving the Republican Party what I consider credit, give it to the believers, give it to all the people with hearts not made of stone.

Democrats aren’t pushing abortion, evil human beings are. People with zero morals or conscious, people who have zero respect for the sanctity of life are pushing abortion. Are most of them democrats? Yes. But not all. Stop blaming all the democrats for the blatantly satanic actions committed by the others. Many abortion supporters don’t associate with any political party, being democrat doesn’t make you evil, but supporting abortion sure does.

Abortion is not political folks, abortion is spiritual.
Good verses evil.
God verses Satan.
Believers verses sinners.

Feel free to check into my opinion yourself. I guarantee you there will be no other legitimate conclusion found.
You can not support abortion and be free of evil, if you support abortion you can not even be considered a decent person.
I’m sorry to be so blunt but if you support abortion you are currently an evil person with an evil heart and you will not be free of the heavy weight of satan that IS with you daily until you are free of the weight of abortion. And only God can lift that weight. You can never truly have peace or happiness in your heart when you have the evil of abortion taking up all the room.

Abortion is not political.
Abortion is spiritual.

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