Top 10 Reasons You Should Get An Abortion: Debunked


I was inspired to write this post after reading a miserable article on a parenting website called “Mommyish”.
The writer talks about being avidly prochoice and then gives the best reasons she thinks a woman deserves to choose abortion.
She also uses cat/kitten photos throughout and notes she didn’t want to use pictures of women crying into their hands like all the other articles do. She said she “likes cats” so their pictures are randomly placed in an article written about killing babies. Maybe like most prochoice people the images of what she supports are too gruesome for her to handle. Ironic.
I suggest reading the article by clicking here so you can see for yourself how insane the excuses for abortion are.

I wanted to take a moment and point out the ridiculousness of this woman’s mentality by sharing how her “reasons for abortion” are super invalid and are more like empty excuses than reasons. Also fair warning her article made me so mad I may come off a little more blunt than normal, but it’s time we start being real…..I’ll address her top ten list one at a time….

“Reason” #1:
Having a baby would endanger your life.

We all know pregnancy includes risks, but this point is invalid because having an abortion could also endanger your life. Women have died in abortion procedures or from complications and infections afterward. A post abortive woman is also 6 times more likely to commit suicide in her life than a woman who did not choose abortion.
And let’s not forget that less than 1% of abortion procedures are performed to save the life of the mother. 99% of the time the child does not kill the mother, the mother kills the child…..”Reason” #1: Debunked.

“Reason” #2:
Your birth control failed you.

Contraception is not 100% effective. That is not a secret. It’s on the box, read the fine print! Using protection doesn’t always work and everybody knows it. The only birth control that is guaranteed to work is abstaining from sex. The only way to get pregnant is to have sex. If your birth control is anything other than abstinence you are at risk for pregnancy. Everybody knows this, it’s sex ed 101. Your birth control didn’t fail you, you failed to pick the right form of pregnancy prevention. Duh.
“Reason” #2…..Debunked.

“Reason” #3:
You don’t want to have a child because of your career. You feel maternity leave and caring for a child would harm your career opportunities.

Not wanting to raise a child does not mean you have to kill a child. Yes I’m pulling the adoption card already. A woman can still choose life for her child and have a career, maternity leave isn’t as long as people make it out to be. If you’re so worried that your boss will reprimand you for choosing to let your baby live, maybe you need to realize your boss is a jerk and you shouldn’t be working for someone like that anyways.
Furthermore, I know many women who not only carry and deliver their child but also raise their child and they don’t loose a single stride in the career path their on.
I have an aunt who raised 3 children of her own by her self, no help from the father, and she not only took care of those kids she also climbed to the top of the ladder in her career and now holds one of the highest positions in her company. None of her kids turned out bad, none are in jail, none were neglected. Oh ya, and then she also took in 2 little girls from the foster care system, who weren’t hers, and raised them for a few years until they could go back to be with their parents.
She did it because she could, women aren’t as weak as people make us out to be.
Do not tell me a woman has to choose between motherhood and career that’s bull, if you don’t believe me ask my aunt or one of the other thousands of women who do it.
“Reason” #3….Debunked.

“Reason” #4:
You feel you are to young.

If you’re to young to deal with the consequences of your actions, don’t commit those actions. If you’re to young for pregnancy you’re to young for sex. But now that you’re in the position you are and if you’re really “too young” to raise a child there are thousands of people who will gladly raise them for you, I’m one of those people.
Also, a girl who is that young doesn’t yet grasp the long term effects the abortion will have. She may see it as an easy way out now but does this young girl understand the psychological effects or possibility of future reproductive issues? There are less risks for a young girls mental development if she chose adoption for her child.
“Reason” #4….Debunked.

“Reason” #5:
You feel you are too old, your diaper changing days are done.

Your body suggests otherwise. If your “too old” to become a mother you wouldn’t still be in child bearing physical condition. If your “too old” you wouldn’t be able to conceive. Biology! Perhaps you’re so old you’ve forgotten what the science books say? Obviously if your pregnant, than your not too old to be pregnant.
If your really that old you know how pregnancy works, you know what your doing when you do the only thing that creates life.
If you’re really that old then you should be wise enough to know delivering a child doesn’t mean you have to spend the next 18 years raising it. You might be old but I doubt you will be kicking the bucket in the next 9 months so again, choose adoption and don’t act like a little brat who doesn’t want to deal with the known consequences of your actions. You’re a grown up so grow up.
“Reason” #5…..Debunked.

“Reason” #6:
You feel strongly over populated and you don’t want to add another human into the world.

The world is NOT over populated. There is sooooooo much land out there people aren’t living on or using. Good Lord, the state of Montana alone has less than 10 people per square mile. There is plenty of room, plenty of air, plenty of food and water. The earth is far from over population. Look beyond the 3 miles of the “down town” part of cities and you will see plenty of room for more lives to be lived.
And even if “over population” was a big concern right now, (which it isn’t at all) you killing your baby is not going to fix over population. But nice try on using a “I’m trying to save the world” excuse for killing your kid.
“Reason” #6….Debunked (and then some)

“Reason” #7:
You worry for the health of the baby. Either because of miscarriage, Trisomy 13 or Potter’s Syndrome, birth defects or diseases passed down in a family.

AHHHHH!!! My child might be sick or die one day so I better kill them first?!?
No person on Earth has perfect genes. You aborting a baby because of a risk for disease or disability is simply saying, “I don’t want to deal with the hassle of an imperfect baby”. But guess what, there are no perfect babies. I guarantee even if your baby is in perfect health at birth they will get sick in their lifetime. What if you have a “perfect” baby who gets in a car crash at age 17 and becomes permanently mentally or physically disabled? Are you going to kill them too?
You want to abort a baby because you might possibly miscarry? You might possibly get caught in a house fire too but you wouldn’t light the match just to get it over with. That’s so stupid, literally if you think this way, I hate to be rude, but you are an idiot. An I-D-I-O-T!
Oh oh oh….and those “family diseases” you think don’t belong in the world came from you!!! So your mentality says your mother should have aborted you because of your genes. You or your partner had a family disease gene and that means you’re not worthy, you’re not good enough, you shouldn’t even be alive right now. Go tell your mom she made the wrong choice in keeping you.
“Reason” #7…..Debunked.(and then some)

“Reason” #8:
You want no relationship with the guy who got you pregnant.

Okay….and? If you don’t want to have a relationship with a guy, then don’t! Yes it is that easy. You don’t have to co parent. You don’t even have to tell him your pregnant. You don’t have to put him on the birth certificate. You can let someone adopt your baby and the guy would never even know. States like Utah have birth mother protection laws, you don’t have to ever see, speak to, or think of that guy again. If you’re worried about your safety and you can’t get away with out help, there are adoption centers and crisis centers who will literally pay for you to fly to them in a different state, pay for your food and housing, give you prenatal and post natal care, they will handle all the legal aspects for you including terminating paternal rights. All while guaranteeing your safety. Heart to Heart adoption center in Utah is just one place like this available for you. Even if it was a conception out of rape, (which again falls in the less than 1% of abortions with the life of the other cases) you can get protection, and why do you feel it’s okay to punish a child for the sins of the father? If your dad drove drunk are you okay with cops throwing you in jail to serve his sentence? I didn’t think so.
You don’t HAVE to do anything with that guy again, but you don’t HAVE to kill his kid to get away from him. You’re stronger than that.
“Reason” #8….Debunked.

“Reason” #9:
You don’t want to have a child.

I don’t know how many times it needs to be said, you don’t have to keep your child!!!!
If you don’t want to be a mom don’t be one!!! But don’t be a murderer to avoid being a birth mother. And once again, if you don’t want a child don’t get pregnant! The choice comes before the pregnancy! This excuse pushes the idea that women can just use abortion as birth control and it’s no big deal.
Basically it’s women being lazy and irresponsible, if you don’t want to be a mom then you’re free to go on living child free, after you deal with the consequences of your irresponsible actions. Spend less than 1% of your life pregnant, sign an adoption paper, and go on living. You don’t have to kill a child just because you don’t want to have a child. This reason should have been titled I want to be selfish and lazy.
“Reason” #9…..Debunked.

Well there wasn’t a distinct “Reason” #10 on her top 10 reasons list. I’m not sure if the writer just can’t count that high or if she intended her final paragraph to be the 10th reason….so I’ll just paste that for you to see what I assume is her
“Reason” #10:
For whatever reason. This list is by no means inclusive, and I could have probably easily come up with a hundred or so more reasons why someone should have an abortion.”

Well I can’t exactly debate a point never made….I guess basically this is a way of saying any reason is a good enough reason? And that is literally to ridiculous to even comprehend. Why not just make it a social event and turn girls night out to girls day at the clinic? Why not just abort on a whim? Why not just decide to abort out of desire to party later that weekend? Heck let’s just abort babies because we like getting the day off of work or school, it’s a great excuse for a day off right? Let’s just all get abortions all the time for no reason, that’s the way to go!! I wonder if she realizes how incredibly ignorant she sounds.

So I guess “Reason” #10 that wasn’t a reason at all is…..Debunked?

Over all point:

I don’t care your what your “Reasons” are. They will never be good enough to justify what you support.

For every reason you throw out in support of your choice for abortion, I have 5 for why you should choose life instead.

I can dismiss any reason you give, there isn’t one you can throw at me that I won’t destroy and throw back at you. And it’s not because I’m a master debater it’s because there are no valid reasons out there available for you to use.

No reason is a real reason.

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