Stop Calling Me Anti Choice…I Am PROLIFE!


Say it with me, you can do it, sound it out!

Is it just me who is super annoyed by being called an “anti choice advocate”?
I support women making all sorts of different choices, but a killing child should not be considered a choice.

I support women making choices that better their lives.
I support women’s choice to be a mom or not be a mom.
I support women’s choice to remain child free forever if it’s best for her.
I support a woman’s right to choose whether or not she gets pregnant.
(Because over 99% of pregnancies are from consensual interactions, she is already making her choice! )
I support a woman choosing to use protection to prevent pregnancy.
I support a woman choosing to remain abstinent until she is ready to risk pregnancy.
I support a woman choosing adoption for her child when she can’t or won’t raise them herself.
There are a lot of “choices” I have nothing against so why do I get the “anti” title?
Sorry but pro-life people call themselves pro-life because they are pro-life.
We don’t call ourselves anti choice because we aren’t anti choice we are PRO life!

A child is a living being with its own DNA and its own beating heart, an unborn baby is a person not a choice. Me being against the slaughter of children does not mean I feel a person shouldn’t get to make decisions for themselves, it means I feel that even the unborn person deserves to make decisions for themselves one day.
So really, the pro-life side wants to give even more people a chance to make choices.
There is no choice for the children killed by the prochoice population.
So why am I labeled anti choice?

Why can’t non pro-life people seem to get the words pro-life out of their mouths?
Is it because by admitting the opposing side is pro-life they are revealing that their side is pro-death?

If you want to talk about me go for it, I don’t care! But don’t misrepresent me and my beliefs by saying I’m against people making choices when there is only 1 so called “choice” I am speaking out against.


Say it with me P-R-O-L-I-F-E!

End rant.

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