Get Connected! Resources to help you become a voice for the voiceless!


I love all the different aspects of prolife work, but the one I love the most is helping people get involved in the fight for the unborn!
It’s a great feeling when I’m able to connect someone with information they need or events in their area. I’ve been blessed to be able to assist people in states from California to Florida, it’s been incredible! So I wanted to share some tips with you all as well!

There are lots of things you can do to get started but I wanted to list the top 5 strategies I’ve used in becoming a prolife activist. Whether you want to be involved part time or full time these resources will give you the tools you need to start your prolife journey!

#1: sign up on email alert lists!
People ask how I know about the videos released or congressional hearings before anyone else, it’s because I follow the alerts!

Live Action is an avidly prolife organization founded by Lila Rose. They have a good email program that will send top stories and urgent news, sign up for that list here:
The Center For Medical Progress is the company founded by David Daleiden who is responsible for the most recent undercover sting on Planned Parenthood and fetal organ trafficking. To get email alerts on new videos and insider news sign up for that list here:
Students For Life Of America is an organization focused on increasing awareness and action on school campuses. Though they focus on the younger generation they are a great resource for people of all ages and have ways for all to get involved. Sign up for their action alerts here:

#2 Show your face!
Make a point to attend or lead a prolife event, once people put a face with the work you’re doing they are more apt to get involved with it.
There are multiple nationwide prolife events that you can help lead in your town. You can sign up to be your areas organizer for these events and the organizing foundation will give you the tools you need to put your event on! For instance my first public appearance as a prolife voice was when I signed up to lead a rally in my town for Women Betrayed, this was a nationwide event organized by students for life. They sent me everything I needed. Media releases, flyers to promote, even posters for people to hold at the rally.
If you want to learn about leading or attending a national event in your area check out these sites:
40 days for life:
March for life:

If you don’t want to get involved in a huge event like the ones above for your first public prolife experience, here are some cool and easy things you can do on your own accord to get your name and face known as a prolifer!

*Host a dinner party!
Have a fun fundraiser dinner with a fancy meal! Charge $10 a plate and include an educational speech about prolife ministry for your dinner guests! Then donate the funds to your local pregnancy center!

*Take a day to say hello!
Take an afternoon and stop by all the pregnancy centers in your area. Tell them
Who you are and that you want to be involved in any events they do. Ask what you can do for them and leave your contact info!
Do the same with churches! Go tell all the pastors, if they need assistance in family planning ministries you’re there to help!

*Plan your own rally!
Plan an event that suits you and your town!
You can do anything from picketing abortion clinics, to hosting fun festivals, or even having a candle light prayer night.
Hosting your own event is a good way to test the waters and see what you are comfortable doing. Even if it’s not a big event, the bible says “Where two or more are gathered in my name I am there with them.”
So a small event can still make a difference if you do that event in line with Gods word!

#3 BE LOUD!!!
To be a prolife activist, on any level you must be active! You need to be talking!
Social media is a huge outlet and a great way to get your message heard.
Use hashtags, as annoying as they are, they work!
If an opportunity to talk about being prolife comes up, even in line at the grocery store, take it!
You don’t want to be someone constantly screaming “I’m prolife! I’m against abortion!” I get that, but there are ways to say that with out screaming it. Being a constant voice is one of those ways.
If you’re posting consistent prolife messages and consistently saying prolife things in person people will have no option but to acknowledge what you are doing as a prolife activist.
So talk talk talk, post post post, every single day make a point to say and share something prolife.

#4 Join the community!
I’ve found there is a huge and very welcoming prolife community out there!
There are groups you can join and feeds you can follow. Go to a prolife event and meet some new people, you’ll see that there is strength in numbers. Go follow prolife pages on Facebook and Twitter, it’s gives you an instant connection to fellow prolifers & often times, opportunities to discuss issues with prochoicers.
I need to warn you with this tip though, be cautious. Not all prolife groups have the same views. You may find yourself connecting with a group you disagree with and that can backfire.
I’ve found a few groups that seem to be the safest communities to join and from those you can find smaller groups more central to your focus and location. Good social media pages to follow are:
Live Action:
Life News:
And Then There Were None:
Students For Life of America:
Center For Medical Progress

I’ve also found a few groups that I feel compelled to tell you all to avoid. I hate that I have to do that but it’s not just me who has suggested these groups be avoided, especially in the early stages of your prolife work. The prolife groups I, and others, seem to struggle with most are….

BabySafeHaven of Massachusetts group on Twitter @babysafehaven
BSH of Mass is notorious for public ally bashing prolifers who don’t do things according to their idea of what works. Save the head ache, block them before it starts.
The Abolitionist Society– and all coordinating local chapters.
The A society is extremely aggressive. They will be the first to share and post extremely graphic and violent photos and videos. They are also generally the group you find screaming in bullhorns outside of clinics. Think of them as the “Westboro baptist church” of the prolife movement. Our last event had A.S. members yelling at our prolifers with megaphones for “not protesting enough”. They may do good work at times but the approach is literally frightening, just avoid it.
Feminists for life. It’s great to see FFL but if your a conservative Christian you may have some issues with their views. I know I didn’t mix well with their following. Even though we are prolife, our views on the rest of society don’t match and we end up arguing. If your not an avid feminist supporter just don’t attempt to make connections in that market.

Take that info with a grain of salt, and feel free to make form your own opinions, just a friendly heads up to take a note of or even play it safe and block those groups before there is a chance for issues.
It does no good for the prolife community when people see prolifers fighting with other prolifers. We won’t all agree so it’s best to just avoid if you can and walk away from any issues that do arise.

And #5, most important….PRAY!!!
I can’t stress this enough. The most important thing you can do is pray pray pray!
Pray for Gods wisdom and guidance. Pray for every person you come across that doesn’t yet see the light. There will be lots!
Pray when you feel attacked by prochoice believers. Pray for compassion when you feel you are attacking them. God wants us to do good work. He wants us to be successful in our fight to save lives. He has made himself available to be our biggest resource and tool. We MUST take full advantage of that resource if we want to have the strength to make it for the long haul!
Every time you post a status, every time you send an email, make a call, or are forced to block someone who is attacking your work…say a prayer.

This is a lot of info I know but it’s just the beginning!!!
If you want to learn more about any of the organizations, people or events I mentioned contact me and I can share more with you! Depending on what state you are in there are many different groups and events I can connect you with for your area specifically. I’d be glad help you make a prolife plan that fits you and the area you’re  trying to reach!
There is so much more I could share but this will get you started, when your ready for more let me know and I will send it your way!!

Now go forth and defend life! 🙂

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