I’m So Thankful Her Mom Chose Life!

It is the 23rd birthday of my baby sister today and I’m reminded of what a miracle she really is.
Jordan has an incredible and unique story for many reasons, but today I want to share the story of how I almost didn’t get to have her as my baby sister.
She’s the youngest of three so mom had plenty of experience being pregnant. She knew what to expect and what she needed to do. Things were fine for me and my big brother TJ but when mom was pregnant with Jordan things didn’t go anywhere near planned.
At just five months along my mom was diagnosed with a staph infection causing early labor and contractions. Not the Braxton Hicks kind, the real deal. Thankfully mom was using a midwife instead of a normal OB because the midwife had a unique plan of action…wait it out.
The midwife told my mother if she could just make it until October there was a chance Jordan could make it out alive.
In order to keep Jordan from coming along at just 5 months mom had to go on bed rest and hope Jordan stayed inside of her.
So with two kids under the age of 4 mom did the impossible and parented from bed bringing me and my brother in her room when dad left for work.
Mom said they brought in toys, snacks, and juice boxes for us. She would get up to go to the bathroom or change my diaper but the rest of the day she laid in bed protecting Jordan while taking care of me and TJ at the same time.
Weeks went by and October came and we were ready for Jordan to arrive with it!
Moms water broke on October 1st, but 18 hours later Jordan wasn’t coming out so the family and the midwife went to the hospital so mom could have a drip of pitocin. Even though she’s been having contractions for months and her water was broke Jordan wasn’t coming out so the hospital was a necessary move to make the birth happen in a safe time frame.
Finally little 4lb Jordan came into the world. Underdeveloped and a sort of blueish color.
They held her up for mom to see and rushed her to the nicu. Mom sent my aunt to follow Jordan and make sure she was okay because mom couldn’t be with her. Jordan needed breath support, her lungs were not strong enough yet. She was in an oxygen tent for days, in the hospital for weeks. My mom didn’t even get to hold her until she was 3 days old!
After a few weeks of growing stronger and stronger Jordan finally came home. The doctors said because of her premature birth and lack of oxygen she would surely have problems, but she didn’t, she was perfect!


By 3 months old Jordan was in the 150 percentile for her age. She never had any health issues because of the complications that happened with her in the womb or from her premature birth. To this day Jordan is healthy and doing great. I’m so grateful for that.
I always knew Jordan was born early. I knew she had a hard time making it to the earth but I never really realized how incredibly blessed I am that my mother, a young woman only 24 with two little kids and a low budget, didn’t panic at her diagnosis at that 5 month mark.
I hear so many stories of women who hear of issues from their pregnancy or risk for a dangerous birth and they just give up. It’s almost unbelievable how many woman in my moms position would have chosen to terminate the pregnancy instead of lay in bed for months while trying to raise two little ones.
Jordan was born at 32 weeks, she was born at an age where it is still acceptable to terminate the child’s life. Plus the many weeks before that mom laid still so Jordan could grow safely…it blows my mind! How did my mom do it??? She’s so strong!
But mom didn’t do it alone.
She had my dad, her family, and friends.
I wonder if the women in similar scary situations choose to terminate because they don’t have the kind of help my mom did.
That’s unacceptable to me. We need to be there for these women, not just with love and prayer but with service.
If there is a woman who needs to lay on bed rest in order to continue her pregnancy then we need people to go to her, clean her home for her, make her food for her, run her errands and help take care of the children she has until she can can be up and about again. If we help those in difficult pregnancies it may prevent those difficult pregnancies from turning into terminations.
I can not imagine my life with out Jordan. She is my best friend, my soul mate! I feel what she feels before she even tells me about it. I care less for my own safety and happiness than I do for hers. I pray constantly “I don’t care what happens to me, please God just give my sister a good life, health, happiness, and love.”
I cry for the children whose mothers weren’t as strong as mine. It was their sibling who didn’t get to be born, it’s them who will always have a peice of their soul missing.
I want to encourage all the women facing dangerous or what seems like hopeless pregnancies to see the strength you have inside. No circumstance is to great for you.
If my mother can do it (with 2 little ones mind you) than you can do it too!
Don’t panic! Seek help to get through the struggle don’t give up on the blessing the struggle will produce.
You may not want to face a difficult time while pregnant, you may not want to deliver opposite your birth plan, you may not get to hold your baby for days after their born but I promise you the children you have now, or the children you have in the future, will absolutely be grateful that you endured struggle for their sibling. Don’t take that joy from them, don’t take their brother or sister from them. Just hold on a little longer!

Mom, THANK YOU for enduring such struggle so I could have my baby sister. Thank you to the doctors and nurses who kept her alive.
I wouldn’t be me with out her, I feel like I wouldn’t have anything with out her.
I brag about nothing as much as I brag about my Jordie, I feel my proudest when I say I’m her big sister.
October 2nd 1992 may have been Jordan’s birthday but I am the one who got the gift, and she was only 4lbs.
Happy birthday baby sister.

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