#ProtestPP: What Happened In Nashville

Thousands of prolifers protested Planned Parenthood at over 300 clinics across the nation.
Here’s what happened at Nashville’s event:


7:55am- We arrive to set up in the empty lot near the clinic as we did at our last event, however Planned Parenthood wasn’t having that. Not only were two lots that they don’t even own staked and taped off, there was also five armed security guards spread across the parking lot and sidewalks. Apparently Planed Parenthood was playing defense this time.


8:15am- Although we were forced to alter our plan a bit we moved the cars 20 feet and began to set up our protest. We weren’t going to let Planned Parenthood scare us away with armed guards.
As we were setting up
we noticed the same woman circling the block and staring at us with an angry glare. At one point she took out her phone and recorded us blowing up balloons. One prolifer, Kelly Lang, stood with her “I regret my abortion” sign and waved to the lady (who by the way I saw circling the block again as I went to leave after the event ended)

imageSetting up anyways!

9:00am- The event begins! We opened with a prayer and everyone was happy to see that God was present in the event.
I was honored to act as emcee for the day and I got to introduce some amazing speakers including Kelly Lang who spoke of her post abortive experience, Babette Holder who represents the black prolife coalition, and Senator Mark Green who shared his knowledge on abortion and pregnancy. As a physician, Senator Green is a reliable source who shared that an unborn baby and their mother have 2 separate blood supplies, and in fact, if the baby’s blood mixes with the
mother’s blood, the mother becomes ill and actually requires medication and treatment.
Thanks to all our speakers!
You are awesome!

imageKelly Lang during opening prayer!

9:30am- we walked the half block up to Charlotte ave, a street with constant heavy traffic. Everyone was sure to hold up their signs and “life” balloons proudly for passers by to see. Drivers were honking and yelling God bless you…although a few shouted things like “if you don’t want a venereal disease support Planned Parenthood!”…
We responded with “if you don’t want a venereal disease don’t have sex!” But
mostly it was positive feedback from the people passing by.
For the next hour and a half we stood waving to strangers and holding important messages like these:


Loved this sign- wish I caught her name!
If you’re her and you’re reading this,
email me!!!


“I am worth more than the sum of my parts”
-Ariel U.


Yes on both of those!


And of course, DEFUNDPP!

People actually starting singing hymns and dancing with balloons to show their passion for life. Watch that video here:https://www.facebook.com/100009498716213/videos/1499254333734509/
It was so amazing to see everybody from new born infants to great grandmas and grandpas all standing up for the unborn, all standing up for what’s right.

10:45am- we all walked in unison back to our starting point. I said a few closing remarks and reminded everyone of upcoming prolife events they could attend.
We had a passionate closing prayer and everyone was in agreement that we are ready to do more.

11:00am- We took a group photo with those who wanted to stick around a little longer than planned. We kindly said goodbye to the armed guards in the Planned Parenthood parking lot, and before I was ready for it to end, it was over.


We had a few hiccups with protesters from outside groups attempting to use our location and publicity for their twisted messages but I handled it the best I could.
Although they may have been “prolife” our protest was specifically advertised as peaceful and graphic image free so I apologize if I offended anyone by requesting they not stand on the corner with us but I won’t tolerate harassment.
I simply told them we had the corner for this time block and they could protest their way at a different location or after our event is finished. It didn’t make the issue completely disappear but at least the megaphone was across the street and not directly behind the little kids on our block who were just trying to peacefully stand for life. I also made sure the media who came knew they were in no way associated with us or our protest.
I had a lot of people asking me questions about who “they” were and what they were trying to do so I plan on covering that topic in a blog all of its own very soon. It needs to be addressed.

With the exception of our not so like minded visitors, and the fancy rent a cops intimidating the little children walking up, I’d say the protest was a complete success! Over 200 people all saying the same thing at the same time, that’s incredible!
We even had people asked to be involved in our event on December 5th, “Caroling For Life” where we plan to sing carols and hand out hot chocolate while accepting blanket and coat donations for local pregnancy centers and women’s shelters, all on the sidewalk right out front of Planned Parenthood!
I’m so excited that people are excited to get more active in prolife work! Woohoo for life!

There’s much much more to be done but every time we have an event like this we are one step closer to defunding Planned Parenthood, one step closer to shutting them down, and one step closer to ending abortion all together.
One step at a time, one protest at a time, we will see the end of these atrocities!

Here’s some more cool pics from Nashville #ProtestPP

imageimage image

For more pictures, videos, and news
On Nashville #ProtestPP events go follow the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Protest-Planned-Parenthood-Nashville/862802043805675

Until next time Nashville, keep up the good work!

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