Madalyn Mattered: The Story Of A Baby Who Showed Us The Humanity Of The Unborn.


Devin and Steven were high school sweethearts in their early twenties, engaged, with a baby on the way in the spring of 2013.
While many other young expectant parents may choose to terminate the pregnancy and have a family after they are better prepared this couple was beyond thrilled and never doubted the purpose of their baby.
It was finally the week of delivery and they were ready to bring their daughter home.

On the way to the nearby city where they were set to deliver, an oncoming driver hit them at high speeds and lost his own life in the process.
The crash was devastating and left Devin and Steven in critical condition.
After both were flown to the hospital Steven underwent surgeries for multiple crushed bones and treatment for a severe head injury.
Devin was left in a coma for days barely surviving a crushed pelvis, shattered arms and legs, broken ribs, and every other injury you can imagine.


When she woke up Devin asked about Madi.
She was more than devastated to learn that her beautiful full term baby girl did not survive the crash.
Madalyn Dutson was killed just before her scheduled delivery and her loss broke the hearts of all who knew of her.


Why share this story? It’s so sad! How can this have a good ending?
Well the truth is Madalyn is a hero. She put herself in the perfect spot to take the hit for her mom. If Devin had not been pregnant she would be dead.
Madalyn saved her mothers life, and the life of her younger brother who was only born because Madalyn protected Devins organs.
Her memory keeps her parents close together and inspires people to do great things.
Many people live long lives and do nothing of value, Madalyn lived 9 months in the womb and did more good than any person I know.

Madalyns story has been spreading across the nation as a sign that the unborn truly do matter.
Devin speaks of Madalyn as if she were born already, she says Madi had personality, she moved to the sound of Steven’s voice when he came home, she flinched at vibrations and loud noises.
She was a real human being not a “clump of cells” or a “fetus” this unborn child was just that….a child. She was unique, beautiful, and treasured.

The tragic loss of her life has made people realize a baby lost is a life lost.
People who supported late term abortion have changed their beliefs after hearing this story. How can you claim tragic loss of an unborn baby in a car accident yet support the termination of the other unborn?
How can you cry over miscarriages and stillbirths if you swear there is no real human to be lost until after the birth? Madalyn’s story reaches the hearts of everyone who hears it. Nobody can deny she was her own person.
I was blessed to write “Dolce Angeli” for Devin and Steven. I wrote it from Madalyn’s viewpoint and it has been shared with grieving parents all over.
It is a song that lets parents know their child in Heaven is doing okay. And we’re happy to report many many women and men have said it has brought peace and comfort to them. As the songwriter, I am certain the words came from Madalyn and she needed me to share them for her. I give her the credit for this song, I feel as if it wasn’t me who wrote it, I know it was her and God using me to give comfort to her parents.
Madalyn mattered, and her message will matter for years and years to come.
You can listen to Madalyn’s song by clinking here:
(*All profits from ‘Dolce Angeli’ downloads go to Devin and Stevens medical expenses*)


It is clear Madalyn was not a mistake or an accident but rather, a beautiful gift to the world. A hero to her mother and an angel who made the way for her baby brother. (pictured above)
Madalyn showed people how much the unborn matter. She lived only in the womb, but she lived greatly.
She may not be here today but she has already changed countless lives by proving an unborn child lost, is a real child lost.
Madalyn will never be forgotten.

Showing the world the humanity of the unborn is so vital in the fight to defend them.
People can’t continue to claim the children in the womb are anything other than children.
Please share this story and help the world see the beauty and humanity of the unborn.
Together, with Madalyn’s help, we will save countless more!

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