Men Vs Women: A look at gender equality in the reproductive health debate.


I’ve written similar messages before but never as bluntly as this post is written. I’m about to say something that may be shocking and even offensive to some but it’s something needs to be addressed.
Women need to get over themselves and realize it’s okay to admit that…
Women NEED men!

That’s right, I a 24 year old female college graduate am fully admitting that women are not sufficient on our own.
Don’t get me wrong women are fully capable of providing for themselves. Women are fully capable of making their lives better by their own actions. Women are capable of maintaining any career and reaching any goal they set for themselves. Women are capable of every single thing a man is capable of…except one.

Sorry ladies but if it weren’t for men you wouldn’t be here. None of us would. Women cannot reproduce alone and the entire population would cease to exist if we tried to maintain with out men.
It’s literally impossible.
Even lesbian couples who want to have their own child need a man somewhere to donate the needed “material” to make that happen. Sure a single woman can inseminate, go through pregnancy, and even raise a child by herself but that child is not hers alone, and she did NEED a man to make that happen for her.
Women don’t need men to make a good life for them but they need men in order to even have life that they can make good on their own.

And yes obviously this goes both ways. Men need women too. They can’t do it alone either but the difference is they don’t claim to not need us. Men know they couldn’t exist with out women, they’ve not claimed otherwise. Men acknowledge that women are needed to make the world go round. Men aren’t trying to discount women’s vote they are simply trying to input their own.
And no, most men do not think that a woman’s only job is to reproduce but they are aware that is a position only women can fill. If anything, men show women way more respect when it comes to their position in reproducing and parenting than women show men by far.
We need to also acknowledge that while reproducing isn’t a mans only job it’s a position only he can fill. Women cannot exist with out men, men cannot exist with out women…how much more equal does it need to get?

This whole push for gender equality is only pushing us backwards because all it’s doing is putting a wedge between sexes. The longer women focus on “not needing men” the longer they will be reminded that in fact they do. If women would stop attacking men’s position when it comes to reproductive rights and gender equality maybe equality would actually happen. We can’t force men out of a topic that requires them to even exist. We should welcome input from men, these issues effect men as much as women. If women so badly want to be recognized as equal why are they minimizing men’s position? Equal should mean 50/50, women certainly have their 50% of input on reproductive health issues so why shouldn’t men get to be the other 50% of input? Why do so many of those who push for equality also push to move the other 50% out of the debate? That’s not keeping it equal at all.
And we are all just seeking equality right?
The more women attack men the more men will be on the defense.
The gender battle will never end.

We as women need to step back and realize men are not holding us back from achieving anything. There is not a man in this country who has more rights or freedom than I do.
Women have more than our fair share of “rights” especially when it comes to reproductive decisions. Women get to choose for the man, women have way more say than men in this debate right now so why are women screaming for more “rights”?

Ladies, I’m all about girl power! I love being a woman and I have love and respect for all women, it’s not easy to be us. I just want to remind you all that it’s probably not easy being a man either. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if we stopped pointing out the differences and demands we feel aren’t met and started pointing out the positive things the opposite sex does for us.
Instead of hating men for trying to have a say on reproductive health issues we should remember with out them reproductive health wouldn’t even exist.

Yes some men have a long way to go when it comes to acknowledging what women do for men and society in general but some women have just as far to go when it comes to acknowledging what men do for us as well.

To the men reading this,
Keep trying, sooner or later your voice will be heard and your opinion will matter. Don’t let any woman tell you that you don’t get a say on reproductive health or gender equality, you do! You are 50% of what’s needed for reproductive health to exist, demand that your viewpoint counts, demand the right to say what happens with your child, that’s not her baby it’s both of yours equally. You do matter and don’t let the women who say otherwise detour you from doing what’s right and standing up for your freedom and family the way real men should. I am praying for you all, that your words would be heard and your pain would be felt by the women who disregard your importance.
I know you are prowoman and I appreciate your support for my position. Likewise, I vow to be equally pro-man and support you and your position because I know we both deserve equal rights when it comes to what we both had equal parts in creating.
Please continue the good work you’re doing, and know you’re not fighting this inequality on your own, I for one have got your back!

Go men Go!

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