Update on Focus On The Family and their “abortion pill” book

Public statement from Focus on the family


Update: Focus On The Family has responded to concerns voiced by the prolife community. In a public statement released on December 2nd the Christian organization stands by much of the writing in their abortion pill booklet however they do acknowledge there are some issues within the 11 page pamphlet. Although the exact corrections and revisions are not known at this time FOTF has committed to rewriting and rerelease get the information in question. The prolife community is hoping the new booklet will more accurately represent Focus On The Family’s prolife views.


I will continue to update the information in this post as I can.


Original story: You may have seen recent articles exposing the Christian organization ‘Focus On The Family’ of distributing information that supports the use of the abortion pill.
In a booklet written by Dr W. David Hager titled “The Abortion Pill” you can find information about medical termination (aka killing) using the abortion pill. This booklet casually lists what you should do and what you should not do, including things like
Take the misoprostol pill orally,
Take the misoprostol only at the healthcare professional’s office—do not take it at home.
Go for a follow-up visit after the abortion is complete to make sure you are healthy.
Sign any paperwork that says that it’s been less than 49 days LMP if you know it’s been longer.
Order the abortion pill online—you don’t know what you’re getting.
Go to an abortion provider who lacks immediate access to a surgical facility in case you need an emergency surgical abortion.

This sounds more like a how to get away with murder guide than prolife educational material.

The author,who is employed as an OB/GYN at a baptist hospital in Kentucky, writes that “If an abortion provider doesn’t follow the safety guidelines required by the FDA, you should consider seeking medical care elsewhere”
This is clearly promoting abortion clinics which we know are dangerous places for anyone to go to. He may have well just said ‘If your abortionist seems sketch go somewhere else to kill your baby’
He also states “Take time to consider all your options and get counseling from someone who does not have a financial or personal stake in your decision.Then choose well.”
Well, the child’s father has a personal stake in her decision, maybe he doesn’t want his child aborted. But this doctor just told women to ignore what the babies father says. Ignore advice from friends, pastors, parents….make the decision alone or with a stranger…that’s prochoice belief if I’ve ever seen it.

Although there are small inserts of hope such as mentioning that heartbeats begin before the 6th week of development and that every pregnant woman has a unique life growing inside of them the overall focus of this booklet is about the abortion pill and how you should go about using it.
Take a moment and read the 11 page booklet for yourself and see if you get a prolife or Christian vibe from what you’re reading. It certainly seemed more prochoice and ultimately pro abortion to me.
Read it here: The Abortion Pill

Whether there is a hidden prochoice motive behind this booklet or if it’s just a misunderstood attempt at educating in favor of life it’s clear that any Christian organization should in NO way support or distribute this piece of writing, especially one that is supposed to be ‘focusing on family’.
The irony is overwhelming. A pro Christ and Pro Family organization supporting and distributing pro death material.

Focus On The Family has done many positive things in ministry and for life. But this booklet is not one of those things and the prolife community needs to send a clear message to Focus On The Family demanding the removal of this booklet from distribution. If they want to educate women on the abortion pill they need to do so in a way that represents both Christian and Prolife beliefs. It shouldn’t be that difficult for them to do, after all they are a Christian and Prolife organization right?

Please speak up with the prolife community. We must stand for what’s right and true. Please send Focus On The Family a message here: Email Focus On The Family
And request that they remove “The Abortion Pill” booklet from their distribution immediately and publicly apologize to all those who have come across this Godless pro abortion material.

Please pray that any woman who reads this booklet before then has the courage to choose life despite the confusing pro abortion material she’s been given. For now, we’re left upset and awaiting a retraction of this booklet and an apology from Focus On The Family for what they’ve been distributing.

3 thoughts on “Update on Focus On The Family and their “abortion pill” book

  1. I was directed to your site from Facebook and this is the first I’ve seen of it. THANK YOU for creating this website, Prolife Wife! May God bless you in your efforts!!!

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  2. I await the revision of the booklet. As it is currently in print, written by an MD, it surely promotes abortion. I don’t believe their statement means they stand by their pamphlet, but that they have a pro life stand. I hope the attention you have brought to this can cause them to change their material without slandering the organization.


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