Prolife Protests At City Winery And Why That’s Horrible News To Me

On January 21st a group of Prolife advocates took to the streets of Chicago to share the truth about abortion at one of Planned Parenthood’s largest fundraising events.

As you can see in the video seen here
there was no need for shouting as the images used spoke more than any words ever could.
Many of you are aware I generally don’t support the use of graphic images but as I’ve mentioned there is a time and a place for this type of messaging and a PPFA fundraiser is exactly the time and place I was talking about! The people who need to see these gruesome images are the people who support abortion both financially and morally.
I was glad to see so many donors stopping and taking pictures of the prolife signs and you could tell some of them were really put off by the images of deceased babies, as they should be.
Overall from what I saw and read I thought it was a very smart and effective event on the part of Prolife Action League and the prolife community who joined their efforts.

Something I was not so pleased to see about this event…the location!
I was sad to see that Chicago’s City Winery hosted this PPFA fundraiser. As a songwriter in Nashville I had a soft place in my heart for CW and how they promote musicians from beginners to the A list.
With locations in New York, Chicago, Napa, and Nashville, City Winery is a top spot for live music and a good menu but now that I know where their loyalties lie, I won’t be able to attend another show or step on stage at a CW again.

Michael Dorf, the founder of City Winery is a husband and the father of three. I wonder how his kids would feel knowing he supports the largest chain of abortion clinics in the world. Mr Dorf also founded two Jewish focused organizations, Tribeca Hebrew, an after-school Hebrew program and Downtown Arts Development, which produces the New York Jewish Music & Heritage Festival.
I wonder if he knows the founder of the company he just hosted is quoted calling Hebrew immigrants “human weeds”. Does he know he just promoted an organization that has deep rooted anti Semitic beliefs?
Is he that unaware of PPFAs history or does he simply put popularity and money before the philanthropic work he claims to care so much about?
Perhaps Mr Dorf has yet to learn that you can’t always have it both ways, you can’t support Jewish heritage in one breath and then support an organization that is willing to kill Jews just for being Jewish in the next.

So a bittersweet outcome for me personally. The prolife activist I’ve become is thrilled to see so many people speaking up for life and for targeting the right people with the right message as they did with this event. The musician and performer I’ve been my whole life is shocked and saddened to see that a company like City Winery who does so much good for songwriters like myself, is willing to do so much harm to the human race by supporting, promoting, and hosting an organization like Planned Parenthood.
I know I can’t realistically boycott every company that has some form of connection with abortion but this is one company I just can’t see myself supporting again.
A place built to host musicians on the rise just lost this musician and customer. But hey at least they gained themselves an abortionist or two. And sadly I’d bet Mr Dorf is okay with that. Oh well.
Me and my guitar are on to the next venue.

Thanks again to PLAL and those who braved the cold and the cold hearted to speak the truth at this Planned Parenthood event.
Keep up the good work!

2 thoughts on “Prolife Protests At City Winery And Why That’s Horrible News To Me

  1. Very interesting. Normally I tend to assume that supporters of Planned Parenthood are hardcore pro-aborts who know full well what it is that they’re supporting. I see now that that is not always the case.


  2. Thanks for the kind words about our protest at City Winery. This is the second time they’ve hosted Planned Parenthood, and I’ve had to skip several shows there because of it, including Nick Lowe and Langhorne Slim.

    Please consider joining us at our next protest of a Planned Parenthood funder — April 20 at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in downtown Chicago, starting at 5 p.m. Details will be posted at closer to then.


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