Disney Princesses Get PlanB and STD Tests


When I was a kid I watched Belle sing bonjour and tame a beast, I watched Mulan take down the Hun army and save the emperor. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would grow up to see them at sex clinics seeking out emergency contraception and getting tested for HPV but here we are.
A recent article in Seventeen magazine highlighted the use of Disney characters seeking out reproductive health services and hormonal contraception to bring awareness to cervical cancer. A feminist illustrator in the UK by the name of Maritza Lugo decided she’d seen enough Disney character memes to know she could get away with using the name and likeness of a famous character or two. As of now I couldn’t find a response or comment from Disney on the drawings so it seems Ms. Lugo was correct, at least about that part.


So Seventeen magazine posts pictures that a random feminist drew, what’s wrong with that?
Oh so many things!
Starting with the artists hypocrisy or lack of education. Using a product like the Gardasil shot or the pill to raise awareness about cervical cancer when the Gardasil shot has been proven to cause severe ovarian failure including premature menopause and the pill has been linked to causing breast cancer and a plethora of other long term issues is almost unbelievable. I’m not sure why anybody would encourage their readers to use products that are known to cause physical harm but that’s just this industry’s style I guess. It’s all about the money.
The fact that Seventeen and PPFA are practically best buds was evident when the sponsored and suggested posts by Planned Parenthood starting popping up showing us all what it looks like when Cinderella gets tested for sexually transmitted infections.


We all know Planned Parenthood is taking drastic measures to reach their customers at younger ages than ever before. Elementary schools are being infiltrated with ‘sex ed’ teachers and information aka Planned Parenthood salesmen and pamphlets.
It’s no surprise they were all about getting these Disney princesses out there for our children to see by paying money to push these images onto unsuspecting Facebook walls.
I don’t follow PPFA or PPact or Seventeen magazine on social media but that didn’t matter, their post was up on my feed anyways. And if it could pop up on my feed it can pop up on yours.
Some may not think its a big deal, just keep scrolling or click the hide button, but will your kid know to do that?
Kids these days some as young as toddlers are learning to play on mom and dads tablet or phone so it’s not only possible that this princess post was seen by some little ones, it’s probable.
How would you feel if your 5 or even 10 year old was playing on your phone or sitting with you at the computer desk when this article pops up? Would you be able to answer the “why is Belle getting that stuff and what is it” questions?
What’s even scarier is the mothers who support PPFA and are now using this article as a way to educate their extremely young kids about sexual issues.


I’m all for education especially when it comes from a parent but these photos target a certain demographic and it’s not 16 & 17 year old girls. It’s the little ones, the ones who still play dress up and make believe, the ones who are too young to learn about Plan B regardless of who they learn it from.
As little girls we look up to these characters. We want to be just like them and live happily ever after. But who needs a happily ever after with one Prince Charming when you can live a life as a single gal who’s ‘protected’ by Plan B and the bi annual STD test right?
Why wait around for your soulmate to come find you when you can get some birth control and go find multiple mates?
How romantic.


The level of class (or lack of) these photos show does not end with the feminist who drew them. Seventeen magazine and PPFA are just as guilty for being a part of such a gross attack on our little girls innocence.
I suppose it is true that nothing is sacred or safe anymore. We can no longer trust that a story about Tiana, Snow White, Ariel or any of the other iconic role models our children look up to is appropriate for someone their age. What a sad day when we see the fairy tale princess getting tested for infectious diseases because she’s sexually active.

I guess this is my warning to all the parents out there to increase your level of awareness and caution. The abortion industry will stop at nothing to get your child to buy into their lies. We as adult cannot take a moments rest when it comes to protecting the young ones around us because the other side isn’t.
Who is going to win out for your child? The princesses of our day or the princesses of theirs?


~I don’t usually do this but this story shook me so much I felt like a prayer was in order…
Heavenly Father send your angels to our children. Put your hands of protection on our young girls and boys. Please keep them on the path of righteousness and happiness, please keep them from the evil and pain that is so present in our world.
Lord bring strength to our mothers and fathers, give the wisdom to know how to handle these situations and understanding when the truth seems unclear.
Let our family not be mislead, but lead us to you together and whole!

2 thoughts on “Disney Princesses Get PlanB and STD Tests

  1. You raise a lot of interesting points, and I agree with some of them. But when it comes to the reason why they’re using the princesses, we differ on opinions. I think the reason the artist used such recognizable faces is not to reach out to young girls, but to show them that no matter who you are (even if you are a princess), sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancers are something to look out for and take measures to prevent. I, for instance, was on birth control from the time I was sixteen to regulate my hormone level. That’s obviously not the only reason why birth control was used, but if I had seen an ad where a character I knew and loved was also getting birth control, it might have made me less self-conscious about being on it. It would have made me more comfortable with myself and understanding what I needed to do to get my body back on the right track.
    Also your comment saying “What a sad day when we see the fairy tale princess getting tested for infectious diseases because she’s sexually active” is a little misguided. A woman can be completely abstinent her whole life, find the perfect man (or woman), get married, have the maritals, and still get an STI. Maybe her perfect man was in a previous relationship where he caught something, and that is a situation they have to deal with. She shouldn’t be punished for seeking treatment.
    I’m not trying to start an argument, because I respect your article and your views. I just wanted to voice my opinion because there are some lines here that may give young girls the wrong idea about birth control and gynecological checkups. It’s healthy to talk about these things.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion! I agree young women should be aware of gynecological health, however I’ll have to stand by my points including that of birth control, and wanted to explain why. Unfortunately hormonal
      Contraception is linked to breast cancer on a large scale and it also will stop implantation of an already conceived and growing life form, this I do not support the use of hormonal birth control at any age. I get needing help to regulate hormones, I have sever endometriosis and constant cysts however there are more options like herbal remedies and naturopathic medicines that do not have the same harmful effects as hormonal contraception. And whether a woman gets an sti from being promiscuous outside of marriage or if she gets it from her husband, somewhere there was some form of dangerous sexual activity on someone’s part and that itself is sad.:(
      Thanks for reading and letting me know how you feel! I appreciate your feedback and support!


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