“20 Tips For Your First Abortion” A Terrifying List.


It’s no surprise that abortion industry is a gross one but the latest example of what’s acceptable to them has really got me fuming.

Earlier this month an article by Madeleine Roe titled “20 tips for your first abortion” was released and the contents are enough to make me puke. I will give the author credit for being mostly honest though. It is truly a non fiction piece, which is why it’s so terrifying.

You can read it Here if you dare.
I’ll give you an overview, a highlight reel if you will, of the 20 tips In the article. I can’t address them all but these are the main points that I couldn’t let go of.

“It does not matter if it was your husband, your boyfriend, or someone who was really working those olive corduroy pants. You are pregnant. And you are the one that is freaking the f#%k out.”
-So let’s encourage women to get abortions behind their husbands back…off to a great start.

“Google is your best friend and worst enemy. Avoid any website that uses the word “life.” They will not help you. Also avoid all images. All of them.”
-This one is almost comical it’s so ridiculous. Blatantly telling women to avoid life. Wow. But they are correct we won’t help you get an abortion. And also correct about the images of abortion, when women look at them they are far more likely to choose life.

“Make the appointment. Don’t be offended that the person on the phone doesn’t give a shit. Take the nonchalance as a sign that it is no big deal. It could be a teeth cleaning. A very deep teeth cleaning.”
-How sad. Not only are they admitting that the staff at the clinic “doesn’t give a shit” about you, they also compare abortion to a teeth cleaning. Awesome.

“The time between making the appointment and going to the appointment is the worst. Stay busy. Drink heavily. You are not showing yet.”
-If you’re drunk your not rethinking your “choice”…stay drunk till your abortion appointment! Shots shots shots shots…everybody! Seriously, a terrible idea.

“It will cost around six hundred dollars. Consider the cost of raising a child. Consider the cost of that Beyoncé concert ticket you almost bought. Now, let it go.”
-Why not consider the cost of choosing adoption…because that actually doesn’t cost birth mothers anything…but why would they mention that? And it’s extra sad that killing your kid is cheaper than going to see a Beyoncé concert.

“Technology that tells you exactly how far along you are now exists. And it is terrible. You want to be zero days along, negative days along”
-It’s obvious they don’t want women to see the daily advances her unborn baby makes. I’m currently using the Ovia pregnancy app and I’m always amazed by what my baby is up to. If women were documenting the growth of their baby up to abortion day they wouldn’t go through with it. So of course the abortion industry says to avoid these informative apps and websites.

“If you say nothing, you will see nothing during the ultrasound. The nurses are humans, not monsters, just like you.”
– I’ve spoken personally with multiple women who were refused when they asked to see their own ultrasound. The nurses don’t want you to ask to see the screen because they know if you see the screen you see a baby.

“You know the medium-sized metal bowl you use to mix pancake batter? The bowl your parents stored Halloween candy in? That bowl will also be in the room. It is for exactly what you think it is for.”
-This one literally makes me feel sick. At least they admit it though?

” There will be a pain like someone sucking or pulling out your insides.”
– Oh My God! Maybe it feels that way because they are actually sucking out some of your insides…right along with your baby.
This is horrifying. Accurate, and horrifying.

“There will be a noise like someone sucking or pulling out your insides. Be mad that the Dyson guy did not put his energies elsewhere. Focus on the classical music playing in the background.”
-Again…Oh My God. I feel like I’m reading a horror novel. Listen to music while we kill your baby? Because that makes it okay? Why not just tell her to go full Olivia Pope and bust out silent night?

“Redefine the meaning of small talk. Listen to her (the abortionist) as she raves about the new Vietnamese sub shop”
-Ew! Do abortionists really talk about where to grab lunch while pulling a baby out of a woman piece by piece? I can’t even begin the express how disgusted I am by this “profession”.

“In the next room, listen to the instructions from the nurse with the soothing Caribbean accent. Assume she is in this room because of that nice accent. Eat the animal crackers. Drink the apple juice. Realize the tears were about hormones and relief. Breathe deeply.”
-Now that you’ve done the thing you can never undo don’t freak out! Just believe the tears are from relief and not regret.

“Go home. Relax. Eat a big meal. Process your emotions. Take a shower. Talk with your friends. Cry with your friends. Make inappropriate jokes about how you were “killin’ it” today and laugh with your friends.”
-What?! Just…wait what?!? Go home and joke about killing your baby? Yikes!
It doesn’t take a prolife advocate to see these people are seriously holding hands with the devil.

Sadly I think these sort of “tips” are normal for the abortion industry.
Sadly many women still look at these as tips rather than warnings.
Sadly me addressing this article won’t change the fact that many women have already read it and will read it in the future.
But at least we can use this tip list as an example and reminder of how sickening the world of abortion really is.
When people try to tell you that there is nothing wrong with abortion, remember how disgusted you felt while reading about it in just this one article alone.

14 thoughts on ““20 Tips For Your First Abortion” A Terrifying List.

  1. You have nothing to say. And you say a lot of it. A whole lot of nothing. Your judgemental statements? They’re nothing. Sponsor a homeless family. Volunteer in a clinic that provides services for poor mothers and their children. Pay for a babysitter for a single parent who, because of that last, youngest child, cannot yet work full time. Pay a babysitting service to help single parents who cannot afford for their children to stay home from school and so send their children in, sick, feverish, vomiting. Become a bounty hunter and track down parents who refuse to pay child support.
    Support the living children that are here, in your town, that weren’t aborted and yet are being hurt by poverty and desperation because of the financial struggles brought on by their mother’s “choice” to keep them.


    1. While I appreciate you reading my blog it is clear you do not know me in the slightest bit.
      I do actually volunteer at shelters and clinics alike, I even keep items in my car trunk for when I see a woman in need. I also help organize fundraising events that sponsor families with food, housing and employment if they want it. I also would gladly watch any baby any time for their mother, I also help churches get secured as safe havens for infants, women, and abused or battered people.
      so please do not think I have nothing to say and do not think I do nothing. I do much much more for people in need than any prochoicer I’ve ever personally met, so make no mistake I am nothing like the nothing you’ve claimed I am.
      Thanks again for reading My Prolife_Wife blog!

      Liked by 3 people

    2. I am adamantly pro-life, and am involved in many programs to help women who need support ( both financially and emotionally) when facing a pregnancy. I volunteer on the weekends with a crisis pregnancy center two towns over where we provide free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and help women sign up for WIC and other assistance programs. We collect donations of everything from formula and diapers to car seats and cribs. I have given away every item that I had acquired from the births of my own three children. The church I belong to holds fundraising every January for Pro-Life groups to coincide with the anniversary of the annual March For Life, and twice a year for our local Battered Woman and Children’s center. My Sunday School class is responsible for monthly donations to our food pantry. I volunteer most Tuesday’s and Thursday mornings for Mother’s Morning Out, where women drop their kids off at the church daycare center and can have free child care from 9-Noon so they can run errands, go to doctor’s appointments, or simply relax for a few hours.

      We do this because we WANT to do this, not because we HAVE to do it, and why should we? I’m not the one who went and got pregnant with someone else’s child. I’m not the one who couldn’t be bothered to go on birth control or make him wear a condom. And no, despite what some people claim, pregnancy doesn’t just ‘happen.’ It’s not like a cold, you don’t just ‘catch’ it. With the exception of rape (which even Planned Parenthood has admitted accounts for less than 2% of all abortions), pregnancy is 100% preventable. There are over 14 different kinds of contraceptions available on the market, and if you’re worried about effectiveness, go on the pill and use a sponge. Have an IUD inserted and make him wear a condom. I am so sick and tired of the pro-baby killing crowd defending abortion by blaming EVERYONE ELSE for other people’s basic responsibilities. They always ask “How many kids have you adopted?” I haven’t adopted any. I can’t afford to adopt a baby, because I am supporting the 3 children I decided to get pregnant with. I would love to have more children, but it just isn’t financially possible at this time, although adoption and fostering is something my husband and I have talked about doing once our children are grown.

      The whole false narrative that pro-lifers only care about babies up until they are born is absolutely ridiculous. But even if it were true, that still puts us one up on your type, who is 100% content on killing them BEFORE they even get a chance to be born. I’m curious Another Mother, what do you do to help women?


    3. Well said, Another Mother. Here’s another option to support the living children: help a family who is choosing to adopt a child. My husband and I are in the process of adopting right now. It’s costing us almost $40,000. We make decent money, certainly enough to raise a child, but we don’t have $40k lying around. It’s taken us over 2 years to scrape together the funds for this. The great cry of the pro-life movement is that these women should “just” choose adoption for their children. First, there’s no “just” in that sentence. You’re talking about an incredibly grueling 40 weeks followed by the most painful decision she’s ever had to make. Second, how about helping those of us on the other side of the situation, the ones trying to make a good home for these children? Do you know that my husband and I qualify for fewer than half of the adoption grants that are out there?


      1. I feel your pain!
        We attempted an adoption last summer, it is not as simple to adopt as many people assume. I would never claim that it’s just as easy choice to make that’s for sure! And I too wish more people in both the prolife and ProChoice community would work to make adoption more affordable.
        Do you have a crowd funding page up I can share? I hope it all works out for you and your family! Good luck!

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    4. Murder is murder. How can you justify murder! I do support many of the things you have mentioned. Raising two of my Grandsons, Took in a homeless young lady. Sponsor underprivileged children.How dare you say the aborted are not worth. So easy to just rip the baby apart. And everyone supposedly goes on with life, Unfortunately the mother carries that pain for a lifetime. I have lost children through miscarriage. Yes the pain eases, but you never forget. But I did not have the blood of my children on my hands.We live in a selfish self-centred society that wants to give microwave answers and solutions to people in distress. But maybe we as a society need to get of our backsides and our overindulgent lifestyles and take a leaf out of our forefathers book of life. They gave of themselves for the future generations of the country, not murder and dismember them, throwing them out in the trash with the latest dress we bought, but decided we didn’t like.What a horrid and selfish message we are sending to the future generations that they are not worth our time or our energy. And we wonder why our nations are in such turmoil. Because we are saying to those we should cherish, “You are not worth it!!”


  2. I like how people who support abortion will go on this long spew telling what pro active volunteer work we need to do for living children. They have it set that we are only pro fetus. When we star listing off all the active volunteer work we do they are silent. Like you pro life wife, I hardly ever get the amount of info of volunteer work shared by someone who is pro choice unless they volunteered at an abortion clinic. We pro life people take an active role in ending struggle and poverty. Pro choice solution in ending poverty? Kill the offspring so they won’t suffer.

    Great blog


  3. Sitting here holding the little 3-week old baby we’re fostering and this just breaks my heart. Thanks for writing and for everything else you do.


  4. Abortions are a medically necessary and completely optional procedure. If you don’t want one, don’t get one. But don’t assume that adoption “costs nothing” – what about the physical and emotional toll that pregnancy takes on a woman, or the missed income from needing to take time off work, or the hospital fees for an OBGYN and delivering a child.

    If I ever get pregnant, I will abort it. I do not want to raise a child. I do not want to deliver a child. I do not want to be pregnant. Abortion rights for all.


    1. I’m truly sorry to hear you feel that way.
      I hate to hear any woman say she would kill her child.
      But please make no mistake abortion is not in any way “medically necessary”.
      I pray for the sake of the little baby you would kill that your choice of contraception is reliable and never fails.
      Thanks for reading!


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