Goodbye Nashville…Hello AZ!


Well it’s happening…my husband and I are moving home to Arizona to raise our little miracle baby near our families!
It’s bittersweet because I’ve loved being in Nashville but I know when it comes to raising a child, it takes a village, and my village is in Arizona.


When I first moved to Tennessee I thought I was moving to learn about and work in the music industry and I did, but I also got the chance to truly start my prolife activism.
The infertility issues we faced over the past few years were devastating and painful but that pain gave me the passion to truly start speaking for life.
When I volunteered to put on the Women Betrayed rally back in July I didn’t realize that day would forever change my life. The people I met that day have inspired me to stand up and speak out more than any other group of people have. I felt encouraged and supported and that feeling of comfort in friends made it so much easier for me to truly jump into prolife advocacy with both feet.



I’m really going to miss putting on events and working on important issues with everyone here but I’m confident that those I leave behind will continue on in the fight to defend the unborn. I’m so blessed to have found the acceptance of so many incredible prolife men and women here and I want to thank you ALL for ALL you’ve done for me and for life!

I’m nervous to be entering a new community of prolifers. I don’t know many advocates in Arizona yet but I know there is work being done there and more work is needing to be done, so I’m sure I’ll find the ones standing up for the unborn and born alike. I’m excited to have the opportunity to make an impact somewhere new and I pray that I leave here having left an example for the prolife community here.


I am actually more upset than I expected to be as I’m typing this entry. I really will miss this place and the beautiful faces here but I know that all of the friends I’ve made care as
much about family as I do, and I know they will support my decision to put little Poppy before my desire for a 615 area code. My whole family is in Arizona, and I’m totally going to need my Moms help for this next part of life so back to the 480 we go!


I’ll certainly be back. I love so much about this place and let’s be honest…the recording studios just aren’t the same in AZ as they are on music row. I hope when I do make it back across the Mississippi there won’t be a need for protests and vigils but sadly I think the fight for life will be longer than the amount of time I’ll be able to stay away from Nashville.
But until next time my friends,
keep up the life saving work…keep up the prayers for change…and keep in touch! ❤️


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