A moment on my man.

Can I just take a moment to talk about what an amazing husband I have?
Seriously if I wasn’t certain of his love for me before this week I am beyond certain now.
As many know, after the news of our little miracle came we decided to head back out west to be closer to family. I’m sure Shawn could have handled adding a new baby with out help if we needed to but he knew how important it was to me to be near my mom and sister for this time of our lives. We weren’t ever expecting to get pregnant and when it happened we both knew it meant sacrificing our current lives in Nashville but with out hesitation he transferred jobs and said we could go home.
I was excited to be heading back to Arizona but also dreading the packing, loading, and driving across the country at nearly 20 weeks pregnant.
I started working a few weeks before we left, packing a candle here, a picture frame there. Nothing major that’s for sure. I was starting to worry I wouldn’t get it all done by moving day. And I was right, I didn’t get it done, HE did.
Shawn finished packing up the house, even triple padded and wrapped my most fragile antique hanging window so it wouldn’t break.
He then loaded our entire 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house into the moving truck by himself, with the exception of his buddy Cody who came and helped him load the big stuff (THANK YOU Cody!!!!)
While getting things finished he was making sure I wasn’t carrying or cleaning anything and telling me to sit, rest, and eat grapes. And yes that’s what I did, he worked his booty off as I sat on mine.
We drove until midnight last night. Slept until 6:30am and have been on the road ever since. We’re just now passing Amarillo Texas and have another 3 hours before we stop for the night. Poor Shawns been behind the wheel the whole time I’ve been laying back on my pillow looking up baby names and eating Cheez-Its. My feet started hurting randomly so I turned to lay them
across the bench seat of the truck (don’t worry, I kept my seatbelt on) next thing I know Shawn is massaging my legs and feet to help my circulation. It felt so amazing I wanted to melt. Here I am doing absolutely nothing, there he is sore from packing and loading and now driving all day long. Sore arms and sore shoulders, needing a massage himself, and he’s rubbing my feet!
I couldn’t believe it!
I shouldn’t be surprised because he’s always taking care of me. He works so I don’t have to. He makes sure I have everything I need and on top of that he does it kindly! He doesn’t scream at me, I’ve never ever felt threatened by him. He tells me he loves me and that I’m beautiful countless times a day, and I’m pretty sure he really means it!
And this isn’t honeymoon butterflies, we’ve been together for 6 years now and it still feels as exciting and satisfying as it did those first few weeks.
What an incredibly hardworking and loving husband I have!
Right now he’s singing some new pop song with the radio and making me giggle. He has no clue what I’m writing but he is letting me chill out in my own little typing world while he drives.
I know what I have is rare. Not everyone has a super star partner and I won’t ever forget how blessed I am to be one of the few.
I pray I never take him for granted and that he knows how loved and appreciated he is.
I’ve always thought I was a pretty decent wife but after this week I think I’m going to have to step it up a bit…my man certainly deserves the best!
Thanks for letting me brag for a moment, now back to my Cheez-it’s!


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