Dancing Before Birth

We’ve recently discovered that when we play music baby Poppy moves around in response. Sure enough that’s one of the expected things to start happening around this 20 week point!
At Monday’s ultrasound we weren’t getting a clear picture of Poppy’s face so we attempted to convince her to move around by poking and shaking my belly a little. It didn’t really work, she just punched the ultrasound wand! Then my husband Shawn suggested we play some music and see if that gets her to move a bit…as soon as we hit play she started dancing. It was so cute to see her wiggling around in response to what was playing. Best part, SHE WAS TAPPING HER FOOT!! Even the doctor was excited to see and point out that yes indeed my 20 week old “clump of cells” was tapping her foot along to the music. It was no coincidence she didn’t do it until the music started and she didn’t stop until the music stopped. It melted all of our hearts and it’s practically all I can think about since then.
As a musician myself it’s exciting to know that my daughter seems to love music as much as I do. As a prolife advocate it’s exciting to know first hand that the unborn truly are alive and aware of the world around them. I wasn’t dancing to the music. I wasn’t tapping my foot or moving my body. That was all my crazy precious little dancing queen!
We’ve tested the theory many times now and every time we play music I feel movement. The louder the music the quicker and more intense the response. How incredible!
Yesterday I spent some time with family and my mom wanted to feel Poppy kick so we turned the music up and my mom sang in the baby’s direction. Once again Poppy goes crazy with what I imagine looks like the DCC kick line.
I feel like I have concrete evidence that the preborn children of the world are completely alive and aware. I feel like anybody with a prochoice mentality can attempt to argue the moment personhood begins but I feel confident that I can shut that argument down based off of what I saw on that ultrasound screen. I didn’t just feel her respond, I saw her respond, as did the other three people in the room. I’m forever certain preborn babies are just as capable of living and loving as babies are post birth! I can’t comprehend how people feel they can justify abortion with the “they aren’t alive yet” lie. There is no room for opinion on this issue, the facts are all that matters, and the facts say preborn babies are alive far before they are born. Nobody will ever be able to convince me otherwise.
Moms talk to your unborn babies! Sing to them and play them your favorite songs and dance together! It’s so unbelievably true that they hear you and they are already wanting to interact with you in anyway they can!

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