I Don’t Have To Show My Breasts Just Because I’m Prolife!

I realize I may not make very many friends with this post. In reality I will probably lose a few but when has that ever stopped me from speaking the truth? Never.
Ive been avoiding talking about this because it is such a hot button issue but now I’m actually getting heat for acting like a modest and conservative married woman! People have been shaming me for my belief that only my husband gets to see what’s “underneath the sweater” as Joey Tribianni says, and I just can’t stay silent.
Why should I be looked down on for being modest? Why am I the disapproving one for saying I don’t want to flash people in public?
Why do people think just because I am ProLife and ProWoman I need to be pro everything women do? Is it so wrong that unlike many women in today’s society I personally feel it’s wisest to keep my clothes on in public?

Does anybody know what I’m getting at here?… I’m talking about breastfeeding!

Yes that’s right, me a super ProBaby ProWoman ProParenting lady is calling out the breastfeeding community and I have justifiable reasons for doing so.
I’ve been asked multiple times to share photos and videos on my social media pages that show women breastfeeding their children and when I refuse I am the bad guy and that’s ridiculous.
Why should I as a Godly woman feel pressured into posting naked photos of women? I don’t care if their baby is included in the photo or not, its inappropriate to share topless photos online or anywhere for that matter.
I am very Pro breastfeeding, I plan on breastfeeding baby Poppy when she gets here just as my mother breastfed me and all my siblings, breastfeeding is not the problem. It’s HOW women are doing it that I have an issue with. And it’s how they feel I must support their way of doing it that I have an issue with.

Newsflash breastfeeders: covers exists for a reason! Use them! It is not that difficult to toss a blanket over your shoulder before whipping out your boob in public. And guess what, nobody wants or needs to see your breasts hanging out while they shop or eat.
Do I feel you need to go hide in a bathroom stall to nurse? Absolutely not, there is no shame in feeding your baby. There is however shame in flashing random people including men and children for your own convenience or to prove a point like these women:

Many women try and justify uncovered nursing in public by saying feeding a child is a natural action and should be acceptable in public, well going to the bathroom is also natural and I don’t do that in the middle of a restaurant dining room. Having sex is also natural and if you did that in public you’d go to jail. The “it’s natural” defense means nothing. Natural or not your exposing private body parts to the public. That’s gross.

There is no reason why women should be publicly exposing themselves just because they want to feed their baby. I’m tired of seeing strangers nipples while they wear a smug “I can do what I want” face, see girl in orange for perfect example:


It’s become less about feeding a baby and more about making a statement. We get it! Some women want to do whatever they want no matter who it effects…but that’s not how the world works. Why should my nephew be exposed to topless women when he goes into public? That’s insane! Nursing or not, your breasts are private and should remain private.
We’ve spent years as women trying to get men to look in our eyes not our chests and now we’re trying to do the opposite? Women are trying to get people’s attention with these topless nursing photos and videos. They want people looking at them. What will your child think 20 years from now looking back at a photo you posted of them and your topless chest? Breastfeeding is suppose to be an intimate and natural form of feeding a baby, it’s not meant to be a political platform or a public activity the way these women are treating it:


Christian women: The bible says in multiple passages that we are to be modest with our bodies. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and should respect our bodies as such. Our bodies are secret treasures meant for our husbands and our children, not for the entire world. How can a biblical woman also be one who openly exposes herself to people? She can’t.

Married women: How would you feel if your husband pulled his private body parts out in public? A penis is natural just like breasts are, it helps conceive the babies you are feeding, but would you want strangers looking at your husbands private body parts? Probably not.
Do you want little girls exposed to the male body before they should be? Why would we want to expose little boys to the female body before they should be? I am my husbands first, my child’s second. My body belongs to my husband and his body belongs to me, we do not belong to the world. The world does not need to see our bodies. I would never be so disrespectful to my husband as to show my breasts in public or in photos on social media. What a slap in the face this flashing boob trend is to the husbands out there. Why can’t we cover up if for no other reason than to show respect for our husbands or the father’s of our children?

I again want to point out I am NOT against breastfeeding or even public breastfeeding. I AM against blatant uncovered public breastfeeding. Feed your babies!!! I am going to! And I won’t be ashamed of it, but I won’t be exposing my private body parts to the world in the process. And I certainly won’t be posting topless photos and videos online to try and prove a point that I can do whatever I want and people have to deal with it.
I have more class than that.
There is no shame in breastfeeding, but there is shame in exposing your body when it should remain private.
I have too much respect for my husband, my child, my God, and myself to be okay with the world looking at my naked exposed breasts. And I will not accept the hateful comments that I must be supportive of women publicly nursing just because I’m a prolife advocate. That’s just ridiculous and I won’t tolerate the misconception that Prolife women are okay with anything that comes to women and babies. I still have standards that trump my right to nurse when and where I want. And I won’t apologize for them. THIS is how breastfeeding should look:


Find the balance between hiding in the bathroom stall and baring all for all to see. Find the balance! If you want to breastfeed in public respect yourself and just #UseACover!

One thought on “I Don’t Have To Show My Breasts Just Because I’m Prolife!

  1. If I can tandem nurse my twins on a crowded beach with a nursing cover and not complain then I believe anyone can nurse without showing your tatas.


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