24 weeks and kicking: video!

I’m now 25 weeks pregnant and last week I had an anatomy scan ultrasound done. I just had to share something we saw with you all!
You may remember a few weeks ago I shared our experience in a previous ultrasound where baby Grace-Lynn was seen tapping her foot along to the music we played. (if not you can read it here) Much like our previous ultrasound this time we could see mostly legs, really long legs. Both me and my husband Shawn have long legs and are fairly tall so I’m not really surprised that our baby would also have long legs. What surprised me was how on the ultrasound screen her little 24 week old baby leg could have easily passed for a full grown adult leg. Fully formed and functioning.

Isn’t that the cutest leg you’ve ever seen? Okay I’m biased, but still super cool to see an unborn baby’s leg bending at every joint perfectly! I’m amazed we got such a decent photo because as suspected she never stops moving. I knew I felt her kicking but to see her kicking is always so cool.
At one point she went into super speed mode and looked like she was running in place. Her legs just wouldn’t stop!
My mom, Shawn, the ultrasound tech and I all found it to be both incredible and hilarious. I was super grateful the ultrasound tech suggested we take a little video of the crazy kicking madness. So my mom took my phone and my new favorite movie was made!

Insane right! Her little legs just go crazy! And I can assure you that is a normal day for her. I constantly feel her running in place in there.
I find it so amazing that while IN my body she is not MY body at all! I have zero control over when and how she moves. She does what she wants when she wants and I am just sitting here feeling her personality play out in kicks and punches.

I can’t fathom the level of ignorance it takes to claim that a baby Grace’s age is nothing more than a big clump of bloody cells. Are people really that blind to the truth that they can’t see a living human in these pictures and videos? How do people keep a straight face when they claim that the unborn are just a part of the mother’s body like a tumor would be? The prochoice community’s blatant disregard for evidence is mind blowing. I for one can’t deny the truth I see before me and that truth is that the baby in that video, my baby, is absolutely a living human being completely separate from me. Her location may be within me for an extremely short time but she is not me, she is my baby Grace-Lynn. She isn’t a choice she is her own unique self.
All babies are their own unique selves, whether they kick as much as my baby does or not.

A picture is worth a thousand words, I wonder how many this video is worth…to me it’s priceless!

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