Democrats Are Destroying American Lives.


With the election season upon us I thought I’d take it upon myself to share just one of the disturbing ways in which the Democratic Party is literally destroying American lives.
It’s called late term abortion.

You may not think that abortion is an issue. You may think a woman’s right to choose is justified and should remain legal. But can you honestly say that you support the killing of a fully developed unborn baby who is not only capable of feeling pain but also potentially capable of living outside the womb? If so, you may be on of the destroying Democrats I’m talking about.

Although I’m against abortion at any stage of pregnancy I can understand how someone could be led to believe an early pregnancy doesn’t consist of a real baby. But by the time a late term abortion is needed a woman full well knows she is carrying a living moving child.
The sad thing is doctors are finding more and more ways to increase viability so these children could actually be delivered rather than aborted. Some children as young as 21 weeks, weighing only 10 ounces have survived premature birth. Why do we not simply surgically deliver a living baby rather than surgically remove a dead one?
There is no reason at all whatsoever that a late term abortion ever needs to happen.
Sadly the destroying Democrats disagree with me.
Nearly every single senator in the Democratic Party openly supports late term abortion.

Just this year Democrats defeated the Pain Capable Protection act which would stop abortions on unborn babies old enough to feel and react to the excruciating pain an abortion causes them. Only three Democrats joined with Republicans to support the pro-life bill.
(Heads up! Two pro-abortion republican, Susan Collins of Maine and Mark Kirk of Illinois — voted with Democrats to support late-term abortions.)

In case you are not familiar with a later term surgical abortion procedure here are the basics…
A woman 20 or more weeks pregnant allows a physician to dilate her and insert instruments including but not limited to ultrasound wands, scalpels, blades, forceps, and vacuum wands into her uterus. The physician then uses the tools to cut and separate the unborn baby while the vacuum sucks the baby out piece by piece. Sometimes the physician skips the step of cutting the unborn baby apart and they simply suck the baby out and let the vacuum do the killing. Sometimes they simply grab and rip the baby apart pulling the baby out piece by piece manually. Here are the gruesome results of a late term surgical abortion.



There is also partial birth abortion in which a physician manually turns the baby into the breech position and then begins to deliver a living unborn baby but stops the baby half way out of the birth canal. At this point the physician inserts scissors into the base of the baby’s skull then snips the spinal cord to cause the baby’s death before pulling the baby out the rest of the way. Literally seconds keep that child from the right to live. Sometimes it takes time for the baby to die so they are often left alone on tables or in buckets to cry in pain until the die. **It is important to note that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton voted in support of partial birth abortion and has said an unborn baby doesn’t deserve the right to life at anytime before or during birth**
Here are the gruesome photos of a partial birth abortion.



There was also the ‘Born Alive Infant Protection Act’ that would require doctors to give medical care to a baby who was born alive in an unsuccessful abortion. Babies are often left alone to die from a multitude of causes after being born to a woman seeking an abortion rather than a delivery. Hillary Clinton also voted against this bill, she doesn’t think a newborn screaming for care starving to death deserves to be saved. THATS the democratic parties leader. What does that tell you?

The sad truth is democrats are to blame for the deaths of these children. A simple change in the way they voted would end the right for a woman to have her full term baby nearly decapitated during birth. I cannot now, nor will I ever be able to understand how someone, especially women including mothers, can stand in support of this barbaric practice.
It does not take a physician or a scientist to know that late term abortion is wrong but apparently it does take a Republican or an independent. Late term abortion is violently destroying American lives on a daily basis and the Democratic Party is to blame.


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