SURVIVOR: The anti-abortion story that can’t be argued.


Lynnette is a wife, mother, grandmother, and prolife advocate. She runs multiple pregnancy centers and prolife ministries throughout Arizona. Lynnette is saving lives.
But it wasn’t always that way for her, at one time Lynnette was the one in need of saving herself. Hold on tight and grab a tissue because this is not an easy story to hear.

When Lynette was a young child her and her sister, who was about a year younger, lived with their mother and step father. When Lynette was just nine years old her step father came into her room one night and told her that if she made a sound he would kill her sister. Lynette had no reason to disbelieve him because he had already left stitches, bruises, and even broken bones on the innocent little girl. Lynette had no choice but to silently survive her stepfather raping her.
This abuse continued for years. I’m not exactly certain when Lynnette’s mother became aware of the abuse but it wasn’t a secret, at least not a well kept one.
When Lynnette was 13 she missed a period. She was pregnant. Terrified and confused she went to her mother for help. Her mother didn’t offer comfort, support, or love. She simply stayed silent. Lynnette stood waiting for her mother to say something until it was apparent she wasn’t going to say anything at all and Lynnette had to walk away even more broken than she was before. With out discussion or question Lynnette’s mother drove her to an abortion clinic, and forced her to receive a medical abortion. After days of painful cramping Lynnette’s baby was expelled into the toilet. Terrified and alone Lynnette didn’t know what else to do, but she saw the baby laying in the water, so she flushed the toilet and said goodbye to her baby forever. The abortion was not Lynnette’s choice. Again, Lynnette was only 13 at this time.

With no questions asked, no reports filed, and no protection given by the clinic responsible for aborting her baby, Lynnette was sent home to live with her abuser who of course continued to rape her. By the time she was fifteen years old she was drinking heavily and being fed speed to combat the effects of the alcohol.
One day after driving her home from school her step father told her to go inside, tell her mother she was home, and then climb out her bedroom window and return to the truck. Lynnette did as instructed. When she got back to the truck her step father drove her to a farm where he proceeded to again rape her. Upon returning home that night they walked through the front door to find Lynnette’s mother in the living room holding a gun. When it was clear Lynnette was not the intended target so she snuck off to her room. Her mother did not use the gun.
The next morning when she came into the kitchen her mother instructed her to go play outside. Lynnette obeyed her mothers orders and walked out the back door to find her step father waiting. He drug her across the yard into an apartment at the back of the property where her step cousin who was in his upper twenties was waiting. Her step father left her with her cousin who proceeded to rape her. At age 15 she became a victim to a second rapist.

After her step cousin raped her Lynnette became pregnant for the second time.
She knew if she told her mother she would be forced into abortion again and that’s not what she wanted. Unsure of how to handle the situation, she kept her pregnancy hidden. It wasn’t until her grandmother came to visit that somebody finally questioned Lynnette’s condition. She could tell that Lynnette was carrying a child and she figured out fairly quickly how that happened. She took Lynette to speak with her mother and told her about the baby. Lynette’s mother responded in the same way as before, demanding Lynnette get an abortion. Lynnette’s grandmother wouldn’t stand for it. She said not only would that break God’s heart but the baby is too far along to be aborted anyways. (We now know that abortion is available up until the day of birth but at this point in time that was not the case) After refusing her mother’s demand for a second abortion Lynette left with her grandmother and would no longer be a victim of her step father, step cousin, or mother.
Lynnette had a hard road of getting clean and sober, carrying a child, and healing from her years of abuse. Her grandmother was with her every step of the way. Even getting on the floor to take delivery classes with her. She truly saved Lynnette’s life and that of her baby. This grandmother was mother to Lynnette when Lynnette’s mother wouldn’t be. Lynnette’s mother remained with the man who raped and abused her until she passed away.

Lynnette said being able to carry, deliver, and hold her daughter was the thing that helped her heal. She knew the pain of rape, and incest, she knew the pain of abortion after rape, and now she knew what it was like to choose life after rape. There was no questioning that keeping her child was healing while aborting her child did nothing but add more harm. There was no compassion or care provided by the abortionist who killed her child and delivered her back into the hands of her abusers. There was no healing in the days of pain and the traumatizing moments of seeing her baby in the toilet beneath her. Her rapist’s actions were erased by that abortionist. Her abuse was swept under the rug by that clinic and by her mother who took her to that clinic.
Women who are pregnant from rape do not need someone telling them their child doesn’t deserve life. They don’t need someone telling them that they are incapable of being a mother to a child conceived in rape. Women pregnant from rape need only two things…Love and support.
When Lynnette had someone to love and support her she was able to escape her abusers, she was able to mother her daughter, she was able to find healing. Love and support wins over abortion every-single-time!
I’m so happy to say Lynnette seems to be doing very well today. Her daughter, conceived in rape when she was 15, is now 34 years old and working side by side with Lynnette for the sanctity of life. Lynnette’s younger sister is also doing well and working with Lynnette and her daughter.
And….exhale….I warned you it would be hard to hear.
But necessary to see the truth about how the abortion industry harms victims of abuse.

Even though it wasn’t over night, Lynnette took her pain and is now using it to save the lives of others. Not just unborn babies at risk of being aborted but young women who are victims themselves. The abortion industry is a rapists best friend. An abortionist will erase the evidence, they won’t report the abuse to anyone, they will gladly let a 13 year old girl get continually raped because they know odds are their abuser will bring them back again and again to have the evidence of his abuse terminated. If we want to truly protect young women and victims of rape we will demand the closure of every single abortion facility.
Abortion feeds rape. I say again, abortion feeds rape.
We cannot stand by silently while the Lynnette’s of the world are fighting this battle alone.
We must stand up for unborn children conceived in rape and we must stand up for their mothers. We must be vigilant in defending their lives and their honor against those who do not see their value or pain.

So the next time someone says to you “I’m against abortion except in the cases of rape”…

You tell them to go talk to Lynnette.



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