It’s time we evolve when it comes to abortion.


In the early 1970’s when abortion was first becoming legal and acceptable to society we didn’t have all of the information we have today. Back then women didn’t have access to 3D ultrasounds or at home heart dopplers. Back then women didn’t have access to the vast amount of research that proves fetal pain like we have today. While it’s not okay, it is understandable how women could believe that their fetus was indeed just a clump of cells rather than a living individual unborn baby. But that was then.

Women today have every answer at our fingertips. All it takes is one search on Google to see that life begins at conception and every successful abortion ends a human life. We pride ourselves in our knowledge that supposedly supersedes that of the generations before us but we ignore that knowledge when it’s inconvenient to our daily lives. It’s almost 2017, there is absolutely no way the “I didn’t know what it was” excuse is valid anymore. We now know a baby’s heart beats 18 days after conception. We now know that babies feel and react to pain well before the viability marker that is now moving up to 21 weeks thanks to advances in premature birth care. We see commercials on tv showing babies on ultrasound screens chasing Doritos for crying out loud. It’s not 1972 anymore. We now have the information to support the position that abortion is brutal murder.

Society is capable of evolving. We have been forced to evolve on a number of issues. Take gay marriage for instance. In 1972 there is no way a gay couple could get married but society has evolved in accepting the differences between us and now people are free to marry whoever they choose. We may not agree and we may not like it but we realize that it’s a decision that doesn’t cause a direct threat to another human beings life so we’ve resolved to the fact that regardless of sexual orientation everybody deserves to be treated fairly and with respect. Another example is civil rights. We as a nation disregarded the black community as less than deserving of life and love. We treated them terribly and it was legal to do so. But thanks to brave men and women who fought for equality now every person regardless of race is free to sit anywhere on the bus.
Women’s rights have come so far we now have every right a man has. We can talk to who we want, we can drive, we can vote, we can even run a major company and technically be the boss of dozens of men. There was a time when women were literally told to shut up and get back in the kitchen. That’s not a major issue in today’s America because…we’ve evolved.
Society has evolved on the type of music we listen to, the clothes we wear, the foods we eat, the roles we all play.
We have evolved.
Why do we refuse to evolve on the abortion issue?

There is no justification for choosing abortion anymore. Between the advances in science and medicine, the plethora of information that’s just a Google search away, and the amount of families waiting to adopt infants domestically there is just no excuse for it.
It’s time we accept the what is and move past the what some wish was. It may be inconvenient to carry an unexpected pregnancy to term but we now have concrete proof that choosing the alternative of abortion is nothing short of taking the life of a defenseless and innocent pre-born human.

It’s time we evolve when it comes to abortion.

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