Stop Buying The Lie. Abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of the mother.


Nearly every prolife bill that passes includes an exception for “the life of the mother”. Meaning any time during pregnancy a woman can claim her life is in jeopardy and she can get an abortion. It is widely believed that we shouldn’t force a woman to die in order to deliver a child. And I agree. I agree because I know we do not have to make abortion an option in order to prevent women from dying. Stop buying that lie.

There have been dozens of studies performed that all prove the same thing, abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of the mother. What about ectopic pregnancies or uterine perforation? What about a woman diagnosed with cancer who needs chemo? I’ll explain in a nut shell but I encourage you all to go read even one study on this issue. May I recommend the Dublin Declaration, an agreement of over 200 doctors who all found abortion is never medically necessary. It is clear and easy to understand. It is insightful and mind changing.

So, what about those cases we all hear of? It’s actually very simple when you break it down.
Abortion is the direct intentional killing of an unborn baby. That procedure will not save the life of a mother. I repeat an abortion will not save the life of the mother.

What about ectopic pregnancies? This is the go to excuse for the life of the mother exception. In order to treat a woman who is carrying an ectopic pregnancy you generally remove her Fallopian tube that is holding the fetus. You do not directly kill a fetus through abortion procedures. A doctor may perform an emergency tubal removal or even an emergency hysterectomy depending on circumstances but that is a surgical procedure done TO the mother. The side effects of removing a woman’s internal organ may be fetal demise. That is not the goal or intention. The intention is to remove a blocked and exploding internal organ. If a doctor injects a solution that kills the fetus in the tube and the fetus were to dissolve or be discharged while not touching the Fallopian tube, that is an abortion. The doctor is not removing a woman’s tube because it is blocked with a baby, they remove a woman’s tube because it is blocked. If a cyst or tumor or scar tissue or anything else was growing inside a woman’s tube to the point of explosion a doctor would remove that tube. It is not because the woman wants to terminate her child. A Fallopian tube removal is done to stop a woman’s tube from exploding inside her. And when possible doctors can and do save the fetus that’s inside the tube they remove. It is medically possible to relocate an ectopic pregnancy. It is also medically possible to carry an ectopic pregnancy to a point of fetal viability and removal of a living child. Sometimes an emergency tubal removal is needed, but that is a surgical procedure performed on the mother that has the side effect of fetal demise. It is not the same thing as an intentional abortion. This is also a situation that is dealt with in the earliest stage of pregnancy. A woman doesn’t have this issue at 30 weeks so the ectopic argument really shouldn’t be making allowances for abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

How about uterine perforation? A woman’s uterus is tearing and she’s bleeding internally. Her uterus and abdomen are filling with blood as her pregnancy progresses. A doctor is not going to perform a D&E or aspiration abortion, he isn’t going to administer an RU pill, he is going to treat the mother for HER internal bleeding by administering medicine to the mother that will stop the excess blood flow to the tear. The doctor treats the woman for bleeding out internally. This procedure can have the side effect of fetal demise by cutting off the needed blood flow to the uterus and umbilical cord. The fetus will usually not survive this however a mother will not survive with out stopping the bleeding. A doctor does not surgically remove a fetus and send a woman on her way. He doesn’t inject anything into the baby. They give the mom a shot of medicine to slow down blood flow to stop her from bleeding, a side effect of that medicine may be stopping the blood flow to the fetus. That is not the intention. The intention is to stop the mom from bleeding and of course hope that the fetus will somehow survive. A mother did not go to a doctor seeking an abortion, a doctor did not perform an abortion, a doctor performed a life-saving treatment to the mother that had the side effect of fetal demise. Not the intention of fetal demise, the side effect.

Women use cancer as an excuse to abort. A pregnant woman needs chemotherapy or other treatments so “to save the mom” they abort the child and allow the mother to continue with treatment. Number one, cancer doesn’t guarantee death. Women choose to carry their child and delay chemo and they survive. Not always, but they do. Also, it is possible to receive treatment while pregnant. Yes chemotherapy is known to cause fetal demise but that isn’t the intention. It is to kill the cancer. Women have gotten treatment and still carried their child to viability. A woman does not NEED an abortion just because she is diagnosed with cancer. That abortion does not save her life.

There are more medical excuses…diabetes, depression, they’re all a lie.
A woman does NOT need an abortion to live. A woman may need a medical procedure performed on her, not her child, that unfortunately ends the life of her child but that is not the end goal. In abortion a child is the target, they are the ones having the surgical procedure performed on them. In an abortion it is not the woman’s body who is being performed on, it’s the baby’s. In a life saving procedure it is not the baby who’s body is being performed on, it’s the mother’s. That’s the difference. And it is a huge difference.

Intention matters. A woman who miscarries doesn’t want her child to die. The same as a woman who needs medicine for internal bleeding doesn’t want her baby to die. Some medically necessary procedures cause miscarriage. That is not the same as a woman making a premeditated decision to go to a clinic and terminate her pregnancy. An abortion is sought with intention. A woman who is told she needs medicine or treatment that might cause her to miscarry is not the same as the woman aborting her baby. This woman is heartbroken that her baby may not survive. But if she dies from internal bleeding her baby definitely won’t survive. She has to get the treatment to save her life but she doesn’t have to choose to directly kill her baby. It may be a side effect of her treatment and it is no different than any other heartbreaking miscarriage.

We also need to keep in mind that the majority of the time that woman say she cannot continue pregnancy and survive the baby is post viability stage. Meaning a doctor can simply perform a C-section and do what they can to help the baby survive they do not need to kill the baby in utero. Babies are surviving as early as 21 weeks we do not need life of the mother exceptions for abortions at all but especially all the way up to birth.

Not only is the life of the mother a lame excuse to make abortion legal at any stage. It is also a slap in the face to the very few women who have lost their child due to a medical procedure performed during pregnancy. There are women out there who would have done anything to save their child but couldn’t and they are now being put in a box with pro-choicers who support the life of the mother exception. We do not grieve the loss of her child as if they were wanted but we treat them as if they were intentionally destroyed by an unloving parent. We have put the title of aborter on loving parents who have lost children through life saving medically needed treatments by continuing the lie that abortion is what saves the life of a mother.
An abortion never ever ever saves a mothers life. Ever. A needed medical procedure may have the side effect of fetal demise but we have got to realize the difference between that and the direct intentional killing and removal of an unborn baby.

Again I encourage you all to research this issue. I believed the lie until I took the time to prove it false. I’m certain you will come to the same conclusion as I have. ABORTION IS NEVER NECESSARY TO SAVE THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER.

Stop buying the lie.

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