Despite Arizona’s Parental Consent Laws The Number Of Abortions Performed On Minors Is Increasing.

Last year 2.5% of abortions in Arizona were performed on minors. That may not seem like a high percentage but 312 young girls will never be the same after what they experienced in 2015.

imageA.R.S. § 36-2152, enacted in 2001, prohibits any physician from performing an abortion on an unemancipated minor without the written consent of one of the minor’s parents or her guardian or conservator, or unless a judge of the superior court authorizes the physician to perform the abortion pursuant to prescribed procedures.

One would think this law would decrease the number of abortions performed on minors and originally it did. However over the past two years the number of abortions performed on minors in Arizona is actually increasing. This means either abortionists are performing illegal abortions on minors without the required parental consent, or parents in Arizona are willingly putting their children at risk by consenting to the killing of their grandchild. I suspect it is maybe both.

The most recent annual report released by the Arizona department of health services included abortion stats for 2015. In that information they included they age range of women, or girls, who had received an abortion. Surprisingly these numbers show an increase of minor abortions from the two previous years. We see here that abortions performed on young women ages 15-19 increased and even more surprisingly the number of abortions performed on girls under age 15 also increased. The information for the under 15 group was recorded data from abortions on girls ages 10-14.


It’s not just the fact that a child dies in abortion that makes it unsafe. It is unsafe for the mother as well. Women have had their uterus’ perforated, been left with internal bleeding and scar tissue, they have been left infertile or prone to multiple miscarriages, they have even died during and after the procedure. There is also extreme negative effects to a woman’s mental health from getting an abortion. Research has proven post abortive women are six times more likely to attempt suicide and ten times more likely to engage in self harm like cutting.

As parents we should be protecting our children from both physical and emotional harm not consenting to it. A parent shouldn’t have to be prolife in order to see the danger in exposing such a young child to such an adult thing. Yes sex and pregnancy are also adult things but that’s already happened and you cannot undo the past. There is no need to add additional adult issues to an already overly exposed child. If a parent and their pregnant teen decide together that their family isn’t ready to support a child than they can choose adoption and save the teen mom from a lifetime of regret and repercussions.

Sadly some of these cases are due to rape but instead of getting their child proper medical and mental care and reporting/ pressing charges against the rapist the parent of the victim subjects their child to even more physical intrusion and more emotional scaring. A parent cannot erase what has happened to their child by aborting their grandchild. All they do is erase the evidence and give the rapist the go ahead to rape again. This is not protecting a child, this is protecting a reputation and a rapist.

It is important that we reach the young girls who are vulnerable to the prochoice mentality. We need to help them realize that they don’t need a parents consent because they don’t need an abortion. The girls in Arizona should feel so supported and encouraged to keep their children that they don’t even consider the alternative. You don’t need a parents consent to keep your baby. Pregnant girls here need to realize that they are now the mom in the situation. It’s now their job to protect their child regardless of if their immediate family is supportive or not. Often times the families choose not to support a young girl keeping her child and that’s where there life community needs to really step in and be the family that new mom needs.

After the release of this information it’s clear that it is equally important that we reach the parents who are vulnerable to the prochoice mentality. We target women seeking abortions and post abortive women but do we really target the parents consenting as much as we should? Parents need to get the facts about what abortion does, not to their grandchild because they already know or they wouldn’t be consenting, but they need to know what it does to their daughter. Moms need to know their daughter could grow up to have no children at all because she aborted her first one. Dads need to know their daughter is being worked on by men who are repeatedly caught being sexually aggressive and verbally abusive. Parents need to know that their daughter could go into that service room and just their grandchild never come out alive.

Society needs to embrace teen pregnancy. Not encourage it, but embrace it. If a teen girl is pregnant it’s already done, aborting her child will not make her innocent again it will only add to her sins and struggles. Teen moms should be supported not shamed. If young girls didn’t fear the backlash from society so much maybe they wouldn’t rush to terminating the cause of that backlash. Our young girls deserve to be protected. Parents need to protect their children but if parents aren’t going to than we need to instead. The statistics show that hasn’t been happening. We all need to do better for young mothers and their children.

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