No, I Am Not Pro-Birth And Here’s Why…


I’ve been accused of being “pro-birth” by many prochoicers lately. For those who don’t know a pro-birther is someone who opposes abortion but doesn’t continue their advocacy beyond that. Pro-birthers believe women are created with reproduction as their main purpose. I’m so not a pro birther.I absolutely oppose abortion however I also actively support the other aspects of prolife advocacy as well. It’s ridiculous that I feel the need to defend myself to people making such ridiculous claims but rather than list all the reasons I’m not just pro-birth every time I’m accused of it I decided to just cover it all here so I can just send a link to those who think they know me or what I am about. So for those of you who want to accuse me of being less than fully pro-life here you go….

#1: I oppose abortion not only because it ends a human fetus’ life but because it also comes with extremely drastic and dangerous side effects for the mother. Both mentally and physically dangerous. Women are constantly left with permanent damage including infertility or increased miscarriage rates. Some women have even died on the table in the clinic. Multiple studies have shown that post abortive women are more likely to engage in self harm. I oppose abortion not because I want everyone to be forced into parenthood, I oppose it because it is not safe for anyone but the abortionist.

#2: I oppose capital punishment. I believe that criminals deserve to live with their shame and guilt. The death penalty is just cutting their sentence short. Criminals deserve to live in prisons with out cable TV and fancy gym equipment. Give them a room and a bed and 3 meals a day, not fancy meals, bologna and water type meals. That’s what murderers and rapists deserve. Killing them will not change what they’ve done. It will not bring back or heal their victims. It only adds to the death toll. How about instead of killing a killer we create proper prison systems for them to live out their guilt filled days until God decides otherwise. Instead of killing them as sinners why don’t we work harder to implement prison ministries and save them instead? Why do we rush to send someone to hell? Let’s hope they find forgiveness and change their heart and ways. Even if they never see the outside world again they can contribute to the world in a positive way if they are reached with the truth. Criminals deserve to be punished but I do not support punishment that includes strapping a person to a table and killing them with an injection like they are an old cancer ridden dog needing to be put down.We can keep them from hurting anyone else with out hurting them ourselves.
* please note self defense against a criminal in action as a last resort to stay alive is not the same as killing an imprisoned man.

#3: I support programs such as food stamps and WIC. I’m aware parents can work themselves to the bone and still need help to provide for their families. I’ve been there, I’ve lived it, I will not judge someone for needing assistance. Life is hard and everybody needs help in one way or another at some point in life. I do not believe we should tell women to keep their child and then turn our back when they do. Capable people abusing the system shouldn’t be tolerated and mothers and fathers who are doing all they can and still need support shouldn’t be shamed because other people abuse the system. It takes a village to raise a child and I believe that. If we want women to keep their children we need to make it possible for them to do so.

#4: I do not support the practice of air strikes or drone attacks. War happens, I hate it but it does. However two adults on a battlefield knowingly and willingly risking their life for what they believe is different than innocent civilians including children being blown up. I may be from a country that has used these practices but just because I love my country doesn’t mean I love all that we have done. I pray for the people of the world who are effected by these horrible and inhumane acts of war.

#5: I actively oppose all forms of suicide. Whether it be assisted suicide/euthanasia or self inflicted injury causing death. I strive to increase awareness on the signals and symptoms of suicide and what to do when you notice those signals. I have been involved in marches and benefit concerts to raise awareness and funds to fight the epidemic of suicide. I was lucky enough to find someone just in time to get the gun away from their head. I’ve seen suicide first hand both those who are successful and those who attempt it. I hate suicide with every fiber of my being. I believe every life matters from conception to natural death. Regardless of circumstance or expected life span nobody should feel so desperate that their only choice is to die. People can and do get past suicidal thoughts, it’s up to us to be there to help them through even if we don’t agree or see eye to eye when someone is in front of you screaming for help we should help them. Unconditionally.

#6: I support those with addiction. Being an addict is a life threatening disease that most people cannot cure alone. People are overdosing by the thousands. People are drinking themselves to death. It’s not easy to get out from under an addiction but it is possible. I want everyone to live their life to the fullest and reach their God given potential. I don’t want to see anyone cut their life short but giving up on themselves and giving into a sickness they believe they can’t defeat.

#7: I support the homeless community. I will not look down on someone who is less fortunate than I am. I was raised to give all I have to those in need. I’ve literally given clothes off of my back, my last dollar, the groceries I just bought for myself to people who needed it more. As a child my parents took me to a homeless shelter to minister to everyone and show them love. I remember their showers, dirty and in a big open room. I was only 8 but I can still smell the aroma of sweat and tears inside of that place. My heart broke then and has continued to break every time I see someone on the street with out a family or friends to care where they are. I’ve in the past few years started a ‘hand bag for the homeless’ ministry where we fill cute purses with food, water, hygiene and first aid products, socks and gloves, resources for help, and we even throw in fun stuff like lip gloss and nail polish then I when I see a woman living on the street I can give her a new handbag full of things she needs and can’t get. I can’t feed and clothe and house the entire homeless community but I can have a box full of purses in my trunk ready to go when the need arises. And these women light up not only at the needed items inside the bag but at the fact that we believe they are deserving of owning a cute purse. Every woman deserves to feel special and pretty and if I can help a woman feel that way by giving her a handbag of necessary items and a new lipgloss I’m going to.

#8: I myself spent years living with infertility so if there is one thing I DON’T believe It is that women were created with the sole purpose of being mothers. I was fully prepared and ready to live a child free life and I could’ve done that happily. Women do not need to be mothers to be important or to make a difference in the world. Some women were created to be something else. Women does not have to mean mother. Not every woman feels the call of motherhood and that’s totally okay. However it is not okay for her to kill another human in order to avoid motherhood. That’s why adoption is such a great option. It is a way for women to continue to live their life with out parenting while still avoiding the ending of an innocent life. Women are capable of so much. We can rule the world with a baby on our hip but we don’t need that baby on our hip in order to rule the world. Women are more than baby factories and I am fully aware of that!

I’m fairly certain those are all the topics prochoicers throw at me. “Well you’re prolife but what about this….” Now they have their answers. I’m sure there are even more ways I will be accused of being pro-birth rather than pro-life but when those ways are thrown in my face I’ll address them as I have the ones above. I’m not afraid of what people accuse me of being because I know they are wrong. Some prolife people truly do deserve the pro-birther title but I am not one of them. I will continue to fight for life in all stages and all ages with out letting the pro-birther tittle turn me into a pro-birth prolifer. And I will always strive to continually add numbers to this list and increase the ways in which I back up my pro-all-life words with actions!

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