Planned Parenthood Tweets that STDs are “No Big Deal”

In classic PPFA style a tweet was posted today that completely sums up Planned Parenthood’s disturbed views on casual sex.


“Did someone gift you with an STD this year? NBD. You can still date & be healthy. Here’s how:”

This ridiculous tweet was followed by a link to an article saying things like, “you’ll probably need to shift the way you think about STIs. And when you do, you’ll realize that life will go on. You can still date, you can still have sex, and you can still be healthy” And It may be true that most people don’t talk about these infections in the same way they’d open up about having the flu — but that doesn’t change the fact that a good chunk of the population has had, does have, or will have an STI”.

As if killing 900 unborn babies a day isn’t bad enough PPFA is also working tirelessly to normalize casual sex and its repercussions. There is nothing normal or healthy about getting an STD. It is not a positive thing to say you’ve had many sexual partners. Dating does not mean you have to sleep together. And when couples decide together their relationship is ready for that physical step to be taken they shouldn’t take it lightly. People get STDs because they or their partner have had multiple partners who’ve had multiple partners who’ve had multiple partners…well you get it. Planned Parenthood is trying to spread the lie that it’s no big deal to have so much casual sex you end up with a sexually transmitted disease. That’s right, they are literally saying a disease is it a bad thing, a “healthcare” organization is saying a disease isn’t a bad thing.

Not only is this mentality physically dangerous it is emotionally damaging as well.
Clearly multiple partners and casual sex lead to STDs, some permanent, some causing permanent life altering damage. But multiple partners and casual sex cause so much emotional turmoil as well. Sex is suppose to be a simultaneous connection between two bodies and souls. Whether a woman admits it or not every time she sleeps with someone she gives them a tiny piece of her heart. If she is giving herself away piece be piece to strangers there will be nothing left for her to give to the person she decides to spend forever with. And worse, there won’t be anything left for herself. Nobody feels good waking up to someone who’s name they can’t remember, or waking up to find the person you brought home snuck out while you were sleeping. That’s not connecting with someone, that’s not making love, that’s not what sex is suppose to be like. When approached appropriately sex is a beautiful thing but when approached with no regard for self worth it is nothing but damaging.

An organization that supposedly fights for women shouldn’t be trying to down play societies acceptance for something that is harming women the way the casual sex culture is. And it is interesting that a “healthcare” organization that promotes contraception for STD protection also feels the need to say that STDs are no big deal. If they’re no big deal and we can go on normal with them than why do we need to spend all that money on those effective STD prevention methods? If their supporters are listening to them then they are using protection, but if its no big deal than why do they need to be protected from it? It really doesn’t make much sense. Sort of shooting themselves in the foot there.

It’s clear based off of this one tweet alone that Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about women’s health. They care about normalizing sex in order to create profit. Period.

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