After Live Action’s Findings on PPFA’s Lack Of Prenatal Care I Put My Local PP Clinics To The Prenatal Care Test.


After seeing the video from Live Action that showed 92 out of 97 Planned Parenthood clinics didn’t offer prenatal care I decided to call my local clinic.
I had no idea if they did or didn’t offer prenatal care but either way I was curious to find out and wanted to live stream it so people could see I wasn’t changing information. You can follow the link at the bottom of this post to see that video for yourself. 

After calling my local clinic in Glendale AZ and waiting on hold, the Planned Parenthood staff member told me they do not provide prenatal services. I wasn’t surprised. I was however surprised to hear what the on hold message said. The recorded voice told me not to wait at urgent care or the emergency room if I’m suffering from a cold or the sniffles, go to them instead.
So no prenatal care at a reproductive health clinic but they can apparently help you with the “sniffles”.

Kind of annoyed, I decided to call my other close by Planned Parenthood clinic located in central Phoenix. I asked to schedule a prenatal care appointment and the lady told me they do not offer prenatal care. She admitted they don’t even have an OB/Gyn in their office. I pushed further and said “so you only offer abortions as far as prenatal care goes?” She interrupted trying to say they offered std tests and I said no “as far as prenatal care goes.” She seemed irked at this point and shortly said “as I said we offer no prenatal care.” I say thank you and she hung up before I could.

So overall it was no big surprise just really annoying. All these young girls around me thinking they will get care if they go to Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood clinics themselves are admitting by the dozens that they do not offer that care despite having made the claims to do so.

I wanted to test Live Actions findings in my town and I can now say let’s change that 92 out of 97 to 94 out of 99. 

Watch Me Put My Local PP Clinics To The Prenatal Test By Clicking Here! 


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