Defunding Planned Parenthood: Why it’s happening and where the money goes when its done

PPFA commonly known as Planned Parenthood currently receives over $500,000,000.00 in annual taxpayer funding. Their claim is that these ½ a billion dollars are spent on life saving necessary services such as cancer screenings, pap tests, and STI tests. They stand firm on the claim that none of the government funding they receive is used on the abortion services they provide.

They Hyde amendment prohibits any federal funding from being used to provide abortion services. It is illegal for PPFA to use our money to pay for abortion services. But despite their claims to use our money on life saving services and the Hyde amendment that requires them to do so, PPFA is the largest abortion provider in America because of our taxpayer funding. PPFA can provide 900+ abortions a day because they have the extra funds to cover they’re expenses. We enable the abortion cartel the way someone enables a drug addict. A person may not be willing to buy an addict drugs but they will but them food, the addict then has his own food money freed up to buy the drugs for themselves. This is how we fund abortion. We may not be paying to provide the abortion, but by paying the electric bill we’ve freed up PPFA’s own funds to enable them to provide abortions. We may as well be paying for the abortions ourselves.

Reports from Planned Parenthood claim abortions are only 3% of the services they provide. This claim has been debunked many times over by showing that PPFA individualizes each service for reports. A woman comes to them exclusively for an abortion but they also give her a pregnancy test, the exam usually included in the abortion procedure, STI tests, birth control to take home etc. The woman scheduled her appointment for one service, an abortion, but within that service they’ve individualized each step as a separate service thus recording they provided multiple services and only one was an abortion.

PPFA also provides less than 5% of all of the nations cancer screenings and Pap exams. They offer over 33% of the nations abortions.
Despite claims by PPFA’s president Cecile Richards that Americans tax dollars are going to provide life saving services such as cancer screenings “like mammograms”, there is not a single PPFA clinic licensed to provide mammograms. Their breast cancer screenings are manually performed in the exact same way women are encouraged to perform checks on themselves at home once a month.
PPFA offers cancer screenings while simultaneously prescribing oral contraceptives that the world health organization has classified as a level one carcinogen, the same as cigarets. They also heavily push the HPV vaccine which is linked to massive amounts of uterine and ovarian issues including ovarian cancer and premature menopause.
They are creating the need to for the cancer screenings thus increasing their revenue.

American’s tax dollars should be used on real life saving healthcare. PPFA does not offer that. After the recent exposing of PPFA’s false claims of providing prenatal services their national website has been scrubbed. They’ve removed multiple things from their service list including prenatal care, sports physicals, job physicals, and more.
One male commentor on the issue said he called his local clinic to schedule a physical and cholesterol screening and he was told they could only help him with services from “the waist down”.
Even though parenthood is in their name and they pose as a reproductive and women’s health center, they do not offer inclusive testing or treatment for any infertility issues, pcos, endometriosis, or any other ovarian or reproductive disease.
We as a country deserve to receive quality and inclusive healthcare from legitimate providers in exchange for our taxes. PPFA does not offer quality or inclusive healthcare, they do not deserve our taxpayer funding.

Federally Quallified Healthcare Centers outnumber PPFA clinics 20 to 1.
These centers offer a wide range of services, all of the services PPFA clinics provide and them some…with the exception of one service, abortion. Upon defunding PPFA the ½ a billion dollars in annual funding will be redirected to the thousands of FQHCs around the country. Men and women of all ages will be able to access inclusive healthcare services for low to no cost. American’s money will be used towards life saving services instead of life ending services.

Those who oppose defunding Planned Parenthood oppose defunding abortion. If the only service you cannot acces with our tax dollars is an abortion you are not wanting Americans to fund healthcare centers you’re wanting Americans to fund abortion clinics. Why oppose funding FQHCs that offer mammograms and prenatal care if you are fighting for women’s health? The only reason someone wants to continue the funds going to PPFA is because they want women to have easy access to abortion.

It is not the job of the people to pay for the “choice” of the person. America has been providing the means for PPFA to provide more abortions than any other healthcare organization in the nation. It is time we as a country demand our money go to real healthcare services provided by law abiding clinics. With the new support we have in Washington and the continued increased awareness on PPFA’s false claims and lack of transparency it will not be long before we revoke their right to our money. Americans deserve good healthcare in exchange for their money. Americans deserve better than PPFA.



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