Sockit2PP & My revelation on how Planned Parenthood harms the economy.


Students For Life of America along with multiple other prolife groups have recently launched the #SockIt2PP campaign. The goal is to send congress one baby sock for each of Planned Parenthood’s 323,999 abortion victims each year while pinning a baby sock on oneself to show your involvement in the project. I immediately joined the campaign and got my baby socks ready for sending and pinning.

I have an infant at home so I had plenty of baby socks laying around but I got to wondering what the average cost to buy one would be, so I did some quick research at the stores nearby and found the average cost for one pair of baby socks is $1.34. Not too costly right? But then I thought “well each baby goes through at least 25 pairs of socks on the first year between growing out of sizes and losing them” (which happens daily for us). Okay so $1.34 times say 25 pairs is still only $33.50 a year. Still not a ton of money right? But then I put it all together and wondered how much money the baby sock companies are losing in potential revenue each year due to Planned Parenthoods abortion rates. So I did the math, $33.50 times the 323,999 babies killed each year equals $10,853,966.50 in baby sock revenue lost each year. Nearly eleven million dollars just in baby socks alone.

My next thoughts went to how much potential revenue was lost in the formula, diapers, wipes, clothing, toys, baby lotions, and furniture industries. I pay on average $22.00 for a can of baby formula twice a week that’s $2,228.00 of formula in a year. Assume 50% of the mothers aborting at Planned Parenthood would’ve breastfed that’s still $360,934,886.00 in lost formula revenue. How many more employees would these companies have if they had that extra revenue coming in? How many more families would have income and insurance? And it continues down the chain, how many more retail workers would be needed to deliver that extra product or stock those shelves? I’d assume they’d need more hands on deck if they increased their sales by that much.

Literally billions of dollars in potential revenue are aborted right along with the innocent lives themselves. And Planned Parenthood only performs 1/3 of America’s abortions so the numbers I ran only show 1/3 of the billions of dollars our economy is missing out on. I do not fight abortion because of numbers, I fight it because it’s wrong. It’s the ending of an innocent unborn child’s life. But it’s clear that abortion does so much more harm than that. Abortion destroys families, hopes and dreams. Abortion enables abusers and traps their victims. Abortion secures inequality between genders and races. And yes, abortion harms our economy too.

Planned Parenthood receives over ½ a billion dollars in annual taxpayer funding while depleting our economy by billions of dollars at the same time. Americans may say that abortion doesn’t effect them because they didn’t or won’t have one personally but in reality it effects every single citizen of this country. We are the ones funding this industry and we are the ones who suffer from the lives and the revenue lost to it. Why do we continue to allow the few to dictate the outcome for the many? Why do we continue to give money to a corrupt company who in turn steals lives and livelihoods? 323,999 babies won’t ever get to wear a pair of socks because of THIS “family planning” company. Enough supporting those who are not supporting American lives in the womb or outside of the womb. Enough of supporting Planned Parenthood. It’s time we #SockIt2PP.


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