Dads get a day, they should also get a say!

In less than a month we will be celebrating Father’s Day.
It is a day to honor the men who contribute to our creation and raising.
Dads across the country will be receiving gifts and cards, hugs and kisses, thank yous and I love yous.
But not every dad spends Father’s Day happy or with his child. Every year over a million fathers will spend Father’s Day without the child that should be with them but isn’t due to legal abortion.

Fathers have absolutely no right to fatherhood. Dads are stripped of paternal rights with no justification every day. There is no equality to be found in an action that diminishes the rights of one parent based on their gender, and that exactly what abortion does. It is true some men are choosing to support their partners choice to terminate his child’s life but this is not always the case. Many times the fathers of aborted babies refused to give consent or weren’t even notified at all. Many times dads stand outside of abortion clinics with tears streaming down their face as they plead for their partner to stop and not go inside. Many times dads suffer long term grief and depression knowing their child was killed and they had no way of stopping it from happening.

When a woman chooses life for a child a father is automatically responsible for that child. He will be held accountable and probably be forced to pay child support. He doesn’t get to choose whether or not he wants to be a parent. Women get the choice either way. So if dads are required to be responsible for their child after birth why are they not allowed to be responsible for their child before birth? Why are fathers subject to the mothers will? This is not a system of equality. Perhaps if we made it to where fathers had the “right to choose” whether or not to pay child support mothers would see how unfair it is to give the decision of whether or not to care for a child to one parent alone.

Men are the forgotten victims of legal abortion. We know a child is killed in each abortion, we know a woman is forever wounded in each abortion, but do we realize that a man is also effected by each abortion? Whether by choice or not, when a father loses his child to abortion he is effected forever. Men are told they can’t have an opinion on abortion so of course they feel like they can’t feel pain after an abortion. It was “her body, her choice” why should he feel pain?
Because it was HIS child that’s why. We don’t see the same level of compassion for post abortive men as we see for post abortive women even though there are as many men hurting after abortion as there are women. We don’t give the targeted help for them that we give women. We must do better at remembering the fathers of these lost children.


Dads are SO important. We dedicate a whole day to showing how important they are to us.
If they are important enough to be given a day why aren’t they important enough to be given a say?

The prolife community believes in a father’s right to protect his child. Together on June 17th, the day before Father’s Day, we will show our support for fathers everywhere by flooding social media with pro-father messages. Using the hashtags #FathersRights #ProLifeBlueOut & #ProLifeProDad we will share the truth on how fathers are a forgotten victim of abortion and we will no longer sit silently while our brothers, fathers, friends, and husbands are in pain.

See more info on the Father’s Day weekend #ProLifeBlueOut by Clicking Here!


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