I Wonder What She’s Seeing Right Now…Sweet Baby Christa


I wonder what she’s seeing right now… Sweet baby Christa. She’s present and yet she’s gone.
Her body is alive but her responses are minimum. Her eyes are closed and her voice is keeping quiet. She’s still here with her mom and dad but at the same time she’s seemingly far away.

I’ve heard stories of people awaking from unconsciousness and they’re never quite the same.
Some say the felt their body, heard the talks in the room, they were present but just couldn’t respond. Others say they were somewhere else, flying through clouds at sunset or smelling the wild daisies in the field where they grew up. Some have even said they spent a time in Heaven and looked upon Gods face or spoke to someone they knew on earth who had been long passed.

I wonder what she’s seeing right now….as she lays in a hospital bed away from home.
She opened her eyes for a moment, so we know she is present but still equally distant.
It’s clear she can hear the sound of her mother’s voice even if she doesn’t always let us know she’s listening. She can feel the warmth of her daddy’s hands holding hers but she can’t yet grip his hand in return.

This in between stage is never an easy stage to survive. Not fully present but completely present at the same time. How does one manage such a place?
The power of prayer is mighty because the power of the one receiving our prayers is mighty.
At the beginning of this doctors didn’t expect survival but the power of prayer overruled them. Next doctors said Christa will be unresponsive for life, but she has since moved her hand, made noise, and opened her eyes, because the power of prayer overruled them again. And it will continue to do so for this child’s entire life. Doctors are not God but God is the most experienced of all doctors. The power of prayer, the power of God will overrule these physicians.

Baby Christa has literally thousands of people across the world praying for her everyday. For her health and healing, for her mom and dad, for her big sister Brilee too. God will not deny his children as they cry out to him. This baby girl WILL wake up, she WILL walk, she WILL talk and speak of the incredible testimony God has already given her. Christa will be healed and she will know who her healer truly is. The word of God says “where two or more are gathered in my name I am there with them.” There are many gathered in Gods name to lift Christa up to him in faith, he is amongst us, he is working in her at this very moment.

I do wonder what she is seeing right now….sweet baby Christa. But I truly believe with faith strong enough to move mountains that she will soon see the face of her momma looking down on her and she wakes up, and comes back to us fully from wherever she is now.
I wonder what she’s seeing now, but I do not wonder what she will see in her future…
for I believe she will see a long and miraculous life filled with blessings and abundant joy.
In the name of Jesus and his Father, our true physicians, this baby girl will one day tell the story of what she saw when she was not present but yet not gone.

#ChristaStrong #PowerOfPrayer

*If you would like to help his family in their time of need please consider donating to their verified legitimate Gofundme campaign: Baby Christa’s GoFundMe campaign


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