Keisha Atkins’ wrongful death suit receiving unhelpful responses from the Prolife Community.

In recent weeks New Mexico Alliance for Life announced “Tina Atkins, the mother of 23-year-old Albuquerque resident, Keisha Atkins, who died from complications of a late-term abortion that took place at Southwestern Women’s Options, is seeking a wrongful death investigation through her attorney, Michael Seibel.” This case in building and breaking at the same time. […]

How To Properly Vet A ProLife Organization.

Just kidding. You can’t. Even when you know where the money goes… Even when you think you know who is running it…supporting any organization, including prolife organizations is always a risk. Why? Because even Pro-Life people are still just people. And sometimes, people suck. We all fall short and we all let people down at […]

Why Baby Laundry Makes Me Cry.

It’s getting late I want to go to sleep but my bed is covered in laundry to fold…I huff and puff and sit on the bed beginning to fold the seemingly endless pile. I grabbed a pink onesie covered in gold stars and started smoothing out the wrinkles. All at once a wave of emotion […]