Motherhood: A Painful Joy

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing that causes more joy and more pain at the same time than being a parent does. And I’ve only been parenting for six months. Today I rocked my baby girl to sleep for her afternoon nap as I do everyday. She drifted off quickly and began […]

No, I Am Not Pro-Birth And Here’s Why…

I’ve been accused of being “pro-birth” by many prochoicers lately. For those who don’t know a pro-birther is someone who opposes abortion but doesn’t continue their advocacy beyond that. Pro-birthers believe women are created with reproduction as their main purpose. I’m so not a pro birther.I absolutely oppose abortion however I also actively support the […]

It’s time we evolve when it comes to abortion.

In the early 1970’s when abortion was first becoming legal and acceptable to society we didn’t have all of the information we have today. Back then women didn’t have access to 3D ultrasounds or at home heart dopplers. Back then women didn’t have access to the vast amount of research that proves fetal pain like […]